Jack Kulp

'Happy it's Friday, and that may be the understatement of the year.

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q: Today (June 26) is bar code day. It was on this date that the first supermarket bar code was swiped. What year was it?

A: 1974, and it was for a pack of Double Mint gum. (C'mon, people. That's why it's called trivia!)

I found it kind of ironic that I learned of Michael Jackson's death at a music store yesterday.  Not the kind that sells CDs, but a store that sells musical instruments. That's where our son, Jordan (12), has his guitar lesson every Thursday, and I was picking him up there yesterday when the news broke on the web. The employees at the store were devastated, and they were quite young. To me, this indicated two things. A) Jackson's music knows no generational bounds, and B) his talent transcended, and was never trumped by any of  Jackson's eccentricities, either alleged or established.

Rolling Stone  has an excellent MJ archive, with plenty of photos and features. Check it out if you get the chance this weekend. Feel free to post your thoughts  here, if you'd like.  And have a great weekend, whatever you do. I'm going to listen to "Thriller" again. This time with Jordan.


06/26/2009 6:59AM
'Happy it's Friday, and that may be the understatement of the year.
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