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"Show Me the Way" to Get You to Stop Taking Pictures

by Mike Stanz posted Aug 8 2014 5:00AM
In the 1970’s, Peter Frampton was famous for his guitar licks and for his vocalizations using a Talkbox.

Now, he’s famous for doing something other than singing and playing.

He was doing a show in Indiana, and a guy up front was taking photos and videos with his cellphone. Peter kept telling the guy to stop, and he did – for a bit – and then started up again.

Peter was getting pretty upset, and the crowd was giving the guy a hard time too.

But he kept taking pictures and videos.

So toward the end of the show, Peter finished up “Do You Feel Like We Do” and walked into the audience. He asked the guy if he could see the pictures he’d been taking.

The guy handed it over, and Peter turned around and threw it behind the stage.

And around the world, every live performer heaved a collective sigh and said, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

There is no video of the incident. At least, no one’s come forward with any. And after seeing what Peter did, seriously, would you offer up your phone?
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Location : Indiana
People : Peter Frampton
08/07/2014 6:50PM
"Show Me the Way" to Get You to Stop Taking Pictures
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