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This morning's Early Riser is Gammie Ramos of Napa. She was up with her 2 month old baby when we talked with her this morning a little after 5. If you want to be tomorrow's  Early Riser, we'll look for you at 5.

Today's KOIT trivia:

Q: What was the first grocery store item with a bar code on the label?

A: Gum
More: In June of 1974 the first bar code scanner was installed in a store in Troy, Ohio, and the first product with a bar code was scanned at the check-out counter. It was a 10-pack of Wrigley's Juicy Fruit gum.  Today, the pack of gum is on display at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History.

I paid the most I've ever paid for gas yesterday...3.99 for regular in northern Marin Co. Geez that hurts.

It should be be smoother flying for Southwest Airlines today. Yesterday Southwest pulled 38 of its planes out of service for inspection. The temporary loss of hardware caused Southwest to cancel four percent of their flights. Things are back to normal this morning, and you can bet that Southwest is probably the safest carrier in the air today. Did you know that Southwest's NYSE ticker symbol is LUV?

Bad news for salmon fans.
Salmon fishing off California was closed  Wednesday by the feds because depletion of the salmon populations along the West Coast. This will affect commercial and recreational fishing seasons under way,  and our hearts go out to the fishermen.

Has anyone heard from clients one through eight? Neither have we.

03/13/2008 6:04AM
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