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Happy St. Patrick's Day. And as long as we're on the subject, here's today's trivia question:

Q: According to legend, what effect does kissing the Blarney Stone have on people?

A: It makes people less shy.

Congrats to this morning's early riser Lee Anderson of SF. She gets tix to the KOIT premier of "Flawless" starring Demi Moore and Michael Cane. We'll be looking for tomorrow's Early Riser, as always, at 5 AM.

No good deed goes unpunished.  Remember that 15-year-old seaside girl we talked about last week? Amanda Rouse stopped a loaded school bus by taking over the controls after the driver fell out of her seat and hit her head. Well, Amanda ended up getting detention because, as it turned out, she wasn't supposed to be on that bus to begin with. She got ill on the way to school, and asked the bus driver for a ride back to the bus yard before the accident. School administrators claim she should have first called in sick to the school office, so it's Saturday detention for her. Amanda's grandmother said that Amanda was where God wanted her to be (on the bus) that day.  Who could argue with that?

Excited about the NCAA college basketball tourney coming up? I'm not, but many people are. It's estimated that employers will see about 1.7 billion dollars in lost productivity due to time spent on March Madness office pools, and worker wagers. The NCAA has stepped up it's anti-gambling efforts (insert laugh track here). The FBI guestimates that 2.5 billion will be wagered.  Good thing betting's illegal.

03/17/2008 7:18AM
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