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Today's Trivia:

Q: Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer character was named after a San Francisco......

Taylor Escamilla came up with the correct answer for us this morning. She's in San Leandro, and wins a family four pack of Exploratorium ducats and FoodMaxx  gift cards.

More SF lore: Did you know that the law offices of the late Melvin Belli on Montgomery near Washington in The City, you could actually see the tide rise and fall at the bottom of the elevator shaft?  And old Mel, during a dispute with some ex law partners, trained his dog to do his, um, business at at their front door.

Mary Hererra called me this morning a little after five, so she became our KOIT Early Riser. She lives in Vallejo, and picks up tickets to our premier of "Flawless".  That's the new Demi Moore/Michael Caine flick coming out soon. You could be our early riser tomorrow. We'll tell you when to call at 5AM.

American Idol? Amanda's out. I was never a huge fan of her style, but one thing's for sure. I could be anywhere in the house while Idol was on, and she would always draw me back to the tube.

03/20/2008 7:22AM
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