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Today's trivia:

Q: Which president got stuck in his bathtub on his Inauguration Day, and had to be pried out by his help?

A: Our 27th President, William Howard Taft.

Karen Donahy of San Jose remembered from her history that President Taft was a little on the, um, portly side, and her logic made her a winner this morning. CNN and Fox News would have spent a month with that one.

A nice email from Hank Herre from Walnut Creek:

I know KOIT is  "Lite Rock & Less Talk" but I wanted you to know that for my wife and I the high point of our morning is listing to the three of you "chatting it up" as we head to the office."

We're sorry to hear that that's your high point, Hank (kidding!) Thanks to you and your wife for the kind words, but be careful what you wish for..or is it be careful for what you wish? Whatever.

Here's a clip from The Novato Advance police log:

"Thursday, March 13, 2008 7:39 a.m. A man was seen in front of a business on the 900 block of Diablo Avenue wearing a shirt, a jacket and shoes, but no pants. When confronted by authorities, the man promised to wear pants in public from then on." 

We just can't make this stuff up.

03/24/2008 7:56AM
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