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This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q: Before his Mom let him get a dog, she made him walk an imaginary dog for a week? Who is he?

A: Ben Affleck who turns 36 today.

So BART will once again allow Segway scooters back on the train platforms after a 45 day ban. What could possible co wrong? Well maybe something like, um, a Segway falling onto the tracks, which is exactly what happened two months ago at the 24th Street station in SF. Nobody was hurt, but it caused big delays. And they want to allow the scooters back in???

Again, I'm glued to the Olympics. You too? Yeah, swimming and gymnastics are thrilling. But a couple nights ago I was taken in by what I'd TiVo'd in the wee hours of that very morning.  I  picked my way through the six hour recording....kind of  like snacking, and watched some of the more obscure, but no less fun-to-watch sports.  Just a few minutes of each, like  ping pong. The doubles pong was a little boring because they never really got a volley going due to the fact that  the players kept getting in each other's way.  Singles pong? Now that's another story. Quite fun to watch! Then there was rowing..one of the few Olympic races you win by going backward. It takes them no time to get up to speed.  Olympic badminton?  FAST, and not the way I remember playing it in my yard when I was a kid.  Check out water polo too..both men's AND women's. I may be biased because our oldest sone plays high school water polo. It seems like the men's Olympic water polo team is made up entirely of Cal and/or Stanford players. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend!  And don't forget the KOIT Kid's Book Drive. (See post below.)

08/15/2008 5:18AM
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