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This mornings trivia on KOIT

Q: Which one of the following performers was a first-time Emmy nominee last night....... Don Rickles, Paul Giamatti, or Kevin Spacey?

A: Actually, they ALL were. Don Rickles for his HBO special "Mr. Warmth", Giamatti for his lead in the superb "John Adams", and Spacey for his role in the excellent "Recount", also on HBO.

It was an Emmy  first for "Mad Men" (one of my faves) last night. It was the first time that a show on a "basic cable" channel (AMC) won an Emmy for Best Drama.

Oracle Open World begins today at Moscone, and other venues around the City . I walked around the area a little on Friday, and it's astounding how quickly they transformed it. They're expecting about about 43 thousand attendees this week, closing Howard Street between 3rd & 4th. Over 72 thousand hotel rooms have been booked for the event that will pump about 100 million into the Bay Area economy. It seems that Howard Street, and Moscone's 2 million square feet aren't enough to accommodate the throng. With the conference expanding 5 percent a year, Oracle may have to look at other sites, like San Diego or Vegas for more room.

I woke up this morning with sore arms and a leg cramp. Did I run a marathon yesterday? No. I cleaned our garage. It was the first time I've done so in, oh, you don't wanna know. See, it's really hard for me to toss ANYTHING. My incentive this time: A postcard from our trash collection agency saying that they're accepting up to 14 bags of trash, 60 pounds or less each, on our collection day this week. I'm up to 7, and that's with a trip to Goodwill yesterday afternoon. I threw out everything I'll probably need later today. That's how I think, and that's the root of my packrat mentality, doctor.

More cleanup stuff. Coastal Cleanup was another huge success on Saturday. Over 742 thousand pounds of junk were picked up on 750 ocean, lake, river, and creek shores around CA, thanks to about 62 thousand volunteers.

09/22/2008 5:13AM
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