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Today's morning trivia on KOIT

Q: How much grain does it take to produce one pound of beef?

A: eight pounds On average, every American consumes about 110 pounds of beef a year.

Don't forget to flip your calendar to October. Yes, October.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was quite the busy Governator yesterday, trying to deal with at least 300 pieces of legislation before the annual  deadline.  One bill approved by the Governor will require large chain restaurants to disclose the nutritional contents of it's menu items, and California will be the first state to pass such a requirement. Chains with at least 20 restaurant locations will have to publish brochures with the amount of calories, saturated fat, carbs, and sodium, and all the other dreck, by next July. By 2011, restaurants will have to post calories on menus and indoor menu boards. Will this affect the way you dine out? Probably won't affect my, or my family's dining out patterns. I rarely eat fast food. But when I do, it's because I'm really craving it at the time. So a calorie count next to the picture of a Big Mac at Mickey Dee's won't stand between me and secret sauce nirvana. Besides, I think the mess that we like to call our economy is impacting dining patters more than anything else.

Now that the Giants and the A's are out of the picture, I guess I can now come out of the closet with my loyalty to the Philadelphia (my hometown) Phillies. The playoffs start today with the Phils playing Milwaukee.

10/01/2008 5:33AM
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