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Thursday morning trivia on KOIT:

Q: Before he became famous, he was an elementary school teacher in Harlem. His name is....

A:.....Gene Simmons. The guy from Kiss with the big tongue . He speaks five languages too.  Not to give away my secrets,  but
this is a great place to read up on what celebs did before they hit the big time.

Johnny Depp sold stuff over the phone before he made it big...big to the tune nearly 60 million for his next movie, which will be #4 in the  "Pirates" series. 60 million is merely a drop in Disney's bucket, as the Pirates franchise has earned almost 3 billion worldwide. So Depp's haul for his part in the next Pirates film appears to be a record, edging out the nearly 54 million that Tom Hanks'll pull down for the Da Vinci Code follow-up in the works.

Wow. Lisa paid 3.38 for a gallon of gas in El Sobrante yesterday. Yes, it was real gas. We got a call from someone in Buffalo, listening to KOIT on the Internets, who recently paid 2.80 for a gallon at a gas station on an Indian reservation near Buffalo.  I was driving in part of  unincorporated Novato a few weeks ago and stopped at this little deli off of route 37. Rossi's Deli had some gas pumps out front that had obviously stopped pumping gasoline long ago. How long ago? The price on the pumps for a gallon of gas was 24 cents. So, I did some checking, and
this spot notes that 24 cents would have been the price for a gallon of gas in 1957. Can you believe that we're  jaded enough to think that 3.38 is a great deal now? Is it Friday yet?

10/09/2008 5:32AM
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