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Thursday morning trivia on KOIT

Q:  What do you call a baby tiger?

A:  a  whelp. I'm serious. And a baby turkey is called a poult, and a baby salmon is known as a smolt. I'm not kidding. Who comes up with this stuff, anyway?

Have you noticed MORE people behind the wheel holding cell phones since the passage of the "hands free" law in California? Sure seems like it to me. Now comes a Canadian software company that's come up with a way to block cell phone calls if detects that your cell phone is traveling at "driving speed", and holds calls and texts until the drive is over. Callers will hear a massage saying the person they're calling is probably driving, then they can hit a button to leave an emergency message. I'm not so sure about this idea. What if you're on a bus or a train?

More tech news...I'm feeling kinda geeky today. Look for HD TV's to really drop in price after Thanksgiving.  Big time.  According to the industry it's because of weak consumer spending and a big spike in manufacturing capacity. Remember that 32-inch LCD that cost  about 3 grand a few years ago? Look for the price to possibly drop below 400. Now, if we could get the cost of food, gas, and tuition to drop like that, maybe a new TV might move up a few notches on the priority scale.

10/16/2008 5:24AM
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