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Tuesday morning trivia on KOIT: 

Q: What San Francisco street is named after a minister, a doctor, and a pharmacist?

A: (Thad) Leavenworth. He was also a San Francisco magistrate when he had time to kill.

Yesterday, after we played "Stayin' Alive" from the Bee Gees, I mentioned that the song's "beats per minute" closely mimics the number of chest compressions per minute the American Heart Association recommends while performing CPR. The song moves at about 103 beats per minute, and doctors recommend 100 chest compressions per minute during CPR. That's a pretty cool thing to remember.

Can you imagine anyone taking bacon more seriously than we do on the morning show? I guess
these folks do.  Just do search for "bacon" when you get there. I mean, bacon toothpicks? My thanks to our General Sales Manager Scotty B for tipping me off to that one. Though I'm surprised I didn't smell it myself.

I had to do some dumpster diving yesterday for 80 bucks worth car wash tickets our son was selling for his water polo team. They were tacked to our kitchen bulletin board, but yesterday they were nowhere to be found. My last resort was to check our regular trash. Didn't  find them there, though I was alarmed at how much coffee Kim and I drink.  Then I moved on to the recycle container, and found the tickets at the bottom. How did they get there? No clue. Kim once took a dip in the elementary school dumpster looking for Andrew's retainer years ago, and was successful. Maybe her luck rubbed off.

I think every debate should be like this. Three guys running for the Ninth Congressional District in Indiana will be hooked up to lie detectors while they debate tonight. I can't add anything to that, other than make sure they're plugged in. The lie detectors, I mean.

For me, the challenge in using reusable shopping bags is remembering to get them out of the trunk of my car and into the store. It took a couple of months, but I'm up to about a 90 percent success rate now. I know people who are so self-conscious, that they refuse to take a Safeway bag into Trader Joe's, for example, worried that Trader Joe might think of them as traitors or something. Please! Sheryl Crow  (a fave) is getting together with Whole Foods to launch a designer line of reusable shopping bags made from 80 percent post-consumer plastic bottles.  Not only is Sheryl Crow generous with her time and money for so many great causes, she's probably one of the few people who can afford to shop regularly at Whole Foods. Maybe she gets a discount because of the shopping bag thing.

10/21/2008 4:53AM
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