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Tuesday’s trivia on KOIT: 

Q:  The first push button phones went into service on this date (11/18). What year was it?

A: 1963

This morning’s trivia winner, Patty Dempsey of Newark, still has an old rotary phone in her garage. 

Don’t look now, but crab season started last Friday here in the Bay Area.  And a lousy season it is for the fisherman – and we crab lovers – so far. Some crabbers are already packing up their gear and heading home. What do you expect when they’re pulling pots with only one crab inside? Marine biologists claim that the light haul is due to the cyclical nature of the crab supply, as opposed environmental damage. They expect the supply to return to normal, whatever that is, by the 2010-2011 crab season. A small crab at Alioto’s stand at Fisherman’s Wharf will set you back 14 bucks.  But who, besides the touristos, get crab at the Wharf? 

What part of “your driver’s license is suspended” did you not understand? Of the nearly 14 thousand auto accidents in Oakland every year, nearly one-third of them are hit and runs involving unlicensed and/or uninsured drivers.  The cops, and residents, are fed up. So it’s sting time! I love a good sting! The cops set up a trap outside traffic court in Oakland waiting for 18 traffic violators to enter court, receive their sentence of a suspended or revoked driver's license, then leave the courthouse. Of the 18 with suspended licenses, six left court and got right back in their cars and drove off!


Movie sequelmania! Get ready for follow-ups to Get Smart, Wall Street, Bull Durham, Lethal Weapon (5), Pirates, and Rambo. Want to see a more complete list? You’ll find it here. If you've been waiting for the followup to "Big Mama's House", today's your lucky day!

11/18/2008 2:48PM
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