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A bit of local trivia.....

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q: What year was a second back pocket added to Levi's jeans?

A: 1901.  FYI, belt loops weren't added until 1922. I guess up til then people just wore their jeans around their  knees....kinda like the way they're worn sometimes these days.  And this is local trivia because....?  Well,  just yesterday Levi's made a deal to keep their headquarters in San Francisco for the next ten years.  For other strangely interesting Levi Strauss tidbits, check this out.

So, you wanna be the next Food Network star? Now there's no excuse to put off auditioning, because auditions are coming up later this month in San Francisco. If you're interested, be at the W Hotel at Third & Howard in the city on July 26th from 10-4.  The show is now in its sixth season, and been very good for Sonoma's Guy Fieri. He won the auditions in 2006, and now has three shows on Food Network.

07/14/2009 5:10AM
A bit of local trivia.....
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