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Baby, it's cold outside

Today's trivia question:

Q: Which one of the following is San Francisco's "Sister City"?


A: actually, all of them are SF's Sister Cities. Along with

Abijan, The Ivory Coast (CĂ´te d'Ivoire)
Assisi, Italy
Cork, Ireland
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Manila, Philippines
Osaka, Japan
Seoul, Korea
Shanghai, China
Sydney, Australia
Taipei, Taiwan
Thessaloniki, Greece

The days of the live piano player at Nordstrom may be coming to an end. The 152 store chain will decide on a store by store basis, but look for the ivory ticklers to begin exiting early next year. The decision is based partially on finances, but Nordies claims that most shoppers prefer canned tunes as opposed to live piano music, which I find very hard to believe.

If you live in the South Bay, Leiter's Pharmacy at 1700 Park Avenue in San Jose is accepting unused or expired prescriptions, which they will then dispose of properly.  Why? A few years ago a  US Geological Survey revealed that of the 139 streams they tested, 80 percent were contaminated with acetaminophen, steroids, hormones, codeine, antibiotics, and ibuprofen, along with other expired glop. That's what happens when we flush this stuff down the john, or add to landfills.

Guess who's leaving the Food Network?

The Food Network couldn't come up with the kind of, um, dough for which Mr. Lagasse was asking, so "Emeril Live" will be closing down production after the December 11th taping. Not to worry. There are enough episodes in the can for reheating for years to come. The food puns stop now.



11/29/2007 7:15AM
Baby, it's cold outside
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