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Hey it’s Brent Carey. My day starts with a great workout, wild Muni bus ride to work, then it’s time to open the mic on KOIT 3-8pm. I love living in the city, hope to run into you soon at a Bay Area event!

by Brent Carey posted Sep 2 2015 2:03PM
Jeremiah Succar has a rare form of brain and spinal cancer at the Children's Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases in LA. He's a big fan of singer Rachel Platten and knows all the words to her hit "Fight Song." His wish to meet her came true when Rachel visited the hospital a few weeks ago. He got to sing along with her and show the world he's got a lotta fight left in him.

It's Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and this video says it all. CHLA patient, Jeremiah, has a lot of heart and a lot...

Posted by Children's Hospital Los Angeles on Tuesday, September 1, 2015
Photo by Justin Higuchi, Flickr
by Brent Carey posted Aug 31 2015 1:48PM
Mondays can be tough, so here's a nice distraction. Adorable baby animals taking their first steps. From Baby elephants and giraffes to zebras and puppies, this video is an overload of cuteness to make you smile.

Photo by Christopher Strassler, Flickr
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Topics : Human Interest
by Brent Carey posted Aug 27 2015 1:39PM
Little Harper had seen rain through the window before, but she had never been outside to play in it. Her parents captured this special moment on video when Daddy took her outside to see and feel the warm summer rain for the very first time.

The parents shared the video on YouTube and said "She simply couldn't get enough, from the car ride home and watching it pour all over the car windows, to getting out and wanting nothing more then to run around, play, and exalt over the fabulous new experience with her Daddy."

Photo by rekre89, Flickr
by Brent Carey posted Aug 26 2015 8:46PM
Great-great-grandmother Mary Manssen is not your average 91-old-year. She recently claimed the title of New Zealand's oldest female bungy jumper, after plunging 43 metres off Queenstown's Kawarau Bridge.

Mary says "It was nothing. There's nothing to it. They (the staff) just gave me a little push." She adds "The jump was magnificent. The roar that went up when I went out onto the stand was just amazing." Way to go Mary!

Photo by RP Norris, Flickr

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Location : Queenstown
People : Mary Manssen
by Brent Carey posted Aug 21 2015 1:24PM
A mama black bear and her FIVE cubs had a pool party this week in New Jersey. They apparently were looking for a way to cool off when they discovered the Basso family's above ground pool.

The family watched and shot video from their second floor window as the bears played, splashed, and made themselves at home in the yard.

Here's the story from KTLA-5 in Los Angeles, followed by the original videos below.

Bears taking a dip in someone's pool

Best video of the morning! #HappyFriday

Posted by Liberté Chan - KTLA 5 on Friday, August 21, 2015

Photo by Lindsey Turner, Flickr
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Location : Los AngelesNew Jersey
by Brent Carey posted Aug 18 2015 5:29PM
This man heard something in the backyard and began to investigate. He found a baby fox that had a can stuck on it's head. He helps set the baby fox free and then the best thing happens. The startled little fox approaches the man for a few friendly pats before disappearing. 

Photo by Matt Tillett, Flickr
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Topics : Human Interest
by Brent Carey posted Aug 14 2015 2:45PM
The Giants win the internet today. The World Champs are having a Full House tribute night on September 30, and to help promote the event they made this awesome parody of the show’s iconic intro. There's also a very special cameo at the end. Well done Giants!
  Photo by Arturo Pardavila III , Flickr
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Topics : Human Interest
by Brent Carey posted Aug 13 2015 2:14PM
Tiny hamster has had some pretty great adventures on his YouTube channel, but this is the best one yet. He puts on tiny Mickey Mouse ears and heads for Disney World for his best day ever (and Churros!)

Photo by Digital Image Fan, Flickr

by Brent Carey posted Aug 11 2015 1:16PM
Hard to believe it's already been a year since we lost Robin Williams. He was the rare talent that could make us laugh and cry. This video is a wonderful tribute to his talent and brilliance.

Robin Williams Tribute "SMILE"

Remembering Robin Williams, who we sadly lost one year ago today. #RobinWilliams Tribute "SMILE"Please like the page ❤️

Posted by on Tuesday, August 11, 2015
  Photo by Jacobo Hoyos Zea, Flickr
by Brent Carey posted Aug 10 2015 2:25PM
This remarkable film was shot on April 14, 1906 in San Francisco. That's just four days before before the earthquake and fire that destroyed over 80% of the city. It's fascinating to watch and see no stop signs, no cross walks, and not much attention to driving on the right side of the road.

YouTuber Mike Upchurch posted the video and says "the film was produced by moving picture photographers the Miles brothers: Harry, Herbert, Earle and Joe. A few days later the Miles brothers were en route to New York when they heard news of the earthquake. They sent the negative to NY, and returned to San Francisco to discover that their studios were destroyed.

The origin of the film was an enigma for many decades, and it was long thought to have been shot in September of 1905, after being dated as such by the Library of Congress based on the state of construction of several buildings. However, in 2009 and 2010, film historian David Kiehn, co-founder of Niles Film Museum in Niles, California, dated the film to the spring of 1906 from automobile registrations and weather records.

Kiehn eventually found promotional materials from the film's original release and dated the film to April 14th, 1906, and finally gave credit to the filmmakers, the Miles Brothers."

Photo by Photo by Army Arch, Flickr

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