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Brent Carey

Brent Carey

Sue Hall PhotoWeekdays, 3pm-8pm

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Hey it’s Brent Carey. My day starts with a great workout, wild Muni bus ride to work, then it’s time to open the mic on KOIT 3-7pm. I love living in the city, hope to run into you soon at a Bay Area event!

by Brent Carey posted Feb 20 2015 1:10PM
San Francisco takes on a different look when you view it in black and white. Toby Harriman says he has always had a passion for black and white photography and timelapse. A few years ago he started the "Gotham City SF" project.

The final video below features some of the city's most iconic places and views. The fog looks especially moody in black and white! The soundtrack was created by James Everingham, a talented 14-year-old from the UK.


Gotham City SF // A Timelapse Film from Toby Harriman on Vimeo.

Photo by Jeff Vier, Flickr

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Location : Gotham CitySan Francisco
by Brent Carey posted Feb 19 2015 9:07PM
A family kayaking in Santa Barbara picked up a hitchhiker last weekend. In a video posted to YouTube by Joe Buttitta, we see Rodney and Lisa Gist and their three kids as they spent more than a half-hour with the pup on the back of their kayak.

The little sea lion even cuddled up with the dad during the 20-minute ride! The family said it’s a holiday that they’ll never forget.

Photo by Tim Finley, Flickr
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Location : Santa Barbara
by Brent Carey posted Feb 18 2015 2:09PM
These dogs have decided it's time for their people to get up. If you have a pet you know how this works. I especially love the dog in this compilation who basically pushes the sleepy kid out of bed. Dog alarm clocks are the best!

Photo by Pork University, Flickr
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Topics : Human Interest
by Brent Carey posted Feb 17 2015 1:39PM
When I was asked if I wanted to talk to Chili from TLC, of course my answer was YES! We talk about the upcoming "Main Event" Tour with New Kids, a new TLC album, her love for Michael Jackson and Left Shark even comes up in conversation.

Listen all week at 6:10pm to win your tickets to see the show with New Kids & TLC on May 8th at the SAP Center 96.5 KOIT!

Photo by Lawren, Flickr
by Brent Carey posted Feb 16 2015 1:23PM
While we're having beautiful weather in the Bay Area, it's pretty miserable out East. They've had below zero cold, heavy snow, and even rare thundersnow.

Meteorologist Jim Cantore's reaction to thundersnow has gone viral, but nobody is loving it more than this baby. She gets excited, spins in circles, and yells right along with the famous weatherman. I'm pretty sure we'll see her on The Weather Channel in 25-30 years.

Photo by Marla Evangelista, Flickr
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Topics : Weather
by Brent Carey posted Feb 13 2015 2:43PM
Rob Wiltsey knew his wife had always wanted to go to England. Unfortunately they never had the money. Rob was determined to make her dream come true though and saved for a year for this surprise! You can see her reaction in the video below.

Photo by Anthony Kelly, Flickr
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People : Rob Wiltsey
by Brent Carey posted Feb 12 2015 1:55PM
Wendell and Nina will never forget their trip to see Ellen on Valentine's Day. What Nina didn't know was Wendell had a special surprise worked out with Ellen.

Photo by Raymond Bryson, Flickr
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People : NinaRaymond BrysonWendell
by Brent Carey posted Feb 11 2015 6:48PM
Valentine's Day is almost here so flowers may be in your future. Here's a little trick to make sure your flowers look great!

Photo by Susanne Nilson, Flickr
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Topics : Human Interest
People : Susanne Nilson
by Brent Carey posted Feb 10 2015 5:35PM
Do you always sing along to your favorite song on the radio? So does Shelby the German Shepard. Every time "Animals" by Maroon 5 comes on she has to jump in and sing along when Adam Levine howls. Check out the cute video below.

Photo by Little Baby G, Flickr
by Brent Carey posted Feb 9 2015 1:25PM
Emery the cat has decided little Liam is his favorite human. Liam's Mom says the two have been inseperable since the day he was born. You can see how Emery follows him around and Liam loves it!

Photo by TSherno, Flickr
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Topics : Human Interest
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