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Brent Carey

Brent Carey

Sue Hall PhotoWeekdays, 3pm-8pm

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Hey it’s Brent Carey. My day starts with a great workout, wild Muni bus ride to work, then it’s time to open the mic on KOIT 3-7pm. I love living in the city, hope to run into you soon at a Bay Area event!

by Brent Carey posted Jan 30 2015 2:09PM
Some cats put up with being on a leash to go for a walk. This cat isn't one of them.
Photo by knlemla, flickr
by Brent Carey posted Jan 29 2015 1:53PM
Apparently babies all have the same reaction when they are going through a tunnel. They might be happy or fussy, but the minute they go into the tunnel they are full of wide-eyed wonder.

Photo by Kona Gallagher, Flickr
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by Brent Carey posted Jan 28 2015 1:58PM
To get to other side of course! This three-toed sloth is about to take on a dangerous road in Costa Rica. Then something beautiful happens...

Photo by Jenny Jozwiak, Flickr
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People : Jenny Jozwiak
by Brent Carey posted Jan 27 2015 1:55PM
Ms. Holloway is a Sixth-grade teacher in Bakersfield wanted to do something to help her students. She would see many of them come in with old, worn and tattered clothes and decided to start a clothing bank. Three years later, it's a full time store inside an old classroom, as a benefit for the entire community.

Holloway's colleague said it might be inspirational for other teachers — or anyone else — to realize that they too can take an idea and create "something amazing from nothing". More on the story here from KGET

Photo by Stephen Dopolo, Flickr
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Topics : Education
by Brent Carey posted Jan 26 2015 6:37PM
If you could say ONE thing to a young person, what would it be? Some words of wisdom here from older folks who have a lot to share.

Photo by philosophygeek, Flickr
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by Brent Carey posted Jan 23 2015 2:22PM
San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There's so much to love in the city by the bay. San Francisco photographer, filmmaker and resident Wyatt Roy captured one night in the city in this beautifully done timelapse video.

San Francisco at Night - Hyperlapse from Wyatt Roy on Vimeo.
Photo by, Flickr

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Location : San Francisco
People : Wyatt Roy
by Brent Carey posted Jan 22 2015 1:55PM
Delayed flights can be so frustrating, especially when you've already boarded. That's what happened on this flight to New Orleans. Luckily there was a barbershop quartet on board who was happy to entertain the passengers.

The mood of the plane immediately changed and the Port City Sound quartet made a few new fans.

Photo by Calgary Reviews, Flickr
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Location : CalgaryNew Orleans
by Brent Carey posted Jan 21 2015 1:43PM
The cat better beware, this turtle has an attitude!
Photo by Asad Uddin, Flickr
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People : Asad Uddin
by Brent Carey posted Jan 20 2015 1:57PM
I actually like Broccoli, but there are plenty of people who don't. Apparently animals are picky too. Dexter the rat wants nothing to do with the healthy veggie. He throws it right back!

Photo by Alice Rosen, Flickr

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People : Alice Rosen
by Brent Carey posted Jan 16 2015 2:46PM
Carter and Toby are the best of friends. Toby was a rescue dog adopted in 2011. Carter was born a few years later and they hit it off right away. They have their own Instagram account, a page on Facebook and have even been featured on Huffington Post.

2-year-old Carter wasn't feeling good this day and Toby jumped up to cuddle with him on the couch. He watched Daniel Tiger with the boy and stayed right by his side to make him feel better. Isn't that what friends are for?

Photo by Don Lepper, Flickr
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Topics : Human Interest
People : CarterDon LepperToby
by Brent Carey posted Jan 15 2015 1:47PM
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
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by Brent Carey posted Jan 14 2015 5:24PM
Wait what was that!? The tail has a mind of it's own.

Photo by Audrey, Flickr
by Brent Carey posted Jan 13 2015 2:38PM
It's an epic battle: Humphrey the Bulldog puppy vs.The Big Bad Water Bottle.

Photo by Jenny Frazier, Flickr
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People : Jenny Frazier
by Brent Carey posted Jan 12 2015 2:40PM
I found this timelapse video and thought it was perfect to start the week. A Monday Moment of Zen called "Clouds and Mountains" by Muhammad Al Husayan

Clouds and Mountains: 5D Mark III Time Lapse + BMPC 4K from Mohammed al_husayan on Vimeo.

Photo by Rose Dlhopolsky, Flickr

by Brent Carey posted Jan 9 2015 1:24PM
Guardians of the Galaxy was one of the biggest movies of 2014, and it looks like this dog was a big fan too. At least he's very excited about seeing Rocket Raccoon on screen. He probably just wants to chase the raccoon, but it's funny to watch his reaction in this video.

Photo by Gage Skidmore, Flickr
by Brent Carey posted Jan 8 2015 2:15PM
This guy had no idea what was about to happen. He sits down in the photo booth for a few fun pictures with his wife, and then she reveals some exciting news. His reaction is awesome!

Photo by Andrew Bardwell, Flickr
by Brent Carey posted Jan 7 2015 2:43PM
Nothing to see here... Just a cat wearing a dress, watching TV and sitting on a bed like a human. There's also a portable heater there just in case her paws get cold.

Photo by S. J. Pyrotechnic, Flickr
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Topics : Human Interest
by Brent Carey posted Jan 6 2015 2:24PM
9-year-old Kenny Botting is a huge fan of Captain America. He's also battling cancer and living at Christopher's Haven, a Boston-based center for kids with cancer. Chris Evans decided to surprise one of his biggest fans and cheer Kenny on in his fight.

During the visit, Chris took pictures, signed autographs, and even let his biggest fan tie him up! Evans told a WBZ Boston reporter "No matter what hurdles are in my life it's nothing compared to what these families go through. So any way I can bring a smile it's worth it."

Photo by Andrew Buckingham, Flickr

by Brent Carey posted Jan 5 2015 1:44PM
This video is much different than what I expected. The CATalunia Boy's Choir takes their name very literally here, and it's pretty awesome. Feel free to meow along!

Photo by Adam Raoof, Flickr
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People : Adam Raoof
by Brent Carey posted Jan 2 2015 2:14PM
I can't get enough of the incredible views around the Bay Area. This video by Pre-Future features some stunning views of the City, the Bay, and some of the area's other top attractions. A great reminder that we live in a pretty amazing place!

Bay Area By Air from Pre-Future LLC on Vimeo.

Photo by Doug Kerr, Flickr
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People : Doug Kerr
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