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Hey it’s Brent Carey. My day starts with a great workout, wild Muni bus ride to work, then it’s time to open the mic on KOIT 3-7pm. I love living in the city, hope to run into you soon at a Bay Area event!

by Brent Carey posted Aug 20 2014 1:59PM
I'll be the first to admit I'm not a morning person. Apparently this dog isn't a big fan of mornings either. His response to the alarm clock is perfect!

Photo Credit: Ganesha Balunsat, Flickr
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by Brent Carey posted Aug 19 2014 2:27PM

We all like to be around our friends and those we care about most. These two are no different, only we're talking about a goat named "Mr. G" and a burro named "Jellybean." Mr. G moved to a new home and refused to eat for 6 days until he was reunited with his friend Jellybean.

They were featured on ABC's Nightline, and even have their own Facebook page. This video tells their story.

Photo Credit: Martin Cathrae, Flickr

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by Brent Carey posted Aug 18 2014 2:27PM

Photo Credit: Colin Davis, Flickr

Sometimes, those who have less give more. A touching video and powerful message.

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by Brent Carey posted Aug 15 2014 1:45PM

I have never seen a dog on a trampoline... until now. He's an English Bulldog named Mudder and you can tell he loves it when he gets to play on the trampoline. He even does barrel rolls!

Photo Credit: Sally Wehner, Flickr

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by Brent Carey posted Aug 14 2014 2:53PM

There's been a lot of tough stuff in the news this week, including the loss of Robin Williams. Another comedian turned actor shares an inspiring message in this video. Jim Carrey shines a light on the positive side of life and what's possible.

Photo Credit, Jocelyn Kinghorn, Flickr

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by Brent Carey posted Aug 13 2014 1:15PM
Photo Credit, Getty Images

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon paid tribute to Robin Williams last night, and you can tell it was tough for Jimmy. He gets a bit emotional talking about the comedy legend before going into an old clip of Robin WIlliams on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

by Brent Carey posted Aug 11 2014 12:46PM

I'm a sucker for cute baby and kid videos. Last week we had the video of the little girl who got all excited when she heard Katy Perry's Dark Horse. Now we have this one with a baby boy. Instead of a song, he's really excited about a remote control. Just shows that connection between guys and their remote control starts early these days!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema, Flickr

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by Brent Carey posted Aug 8 2014 12:42PM
There are some great cultural festivals in the City this weekend, one of them is the FAAE Pistahan Parade and Festival. I had a chance to meet Parade Marshalls Divina Videna & Julian Chung this week and talk about some of the highlights of this weekend.

The 21st Pistahan Parade and Festival is the largest celebration of Filipino Americans in the US and is happening Saturday and Sunday at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco.
Photo by Gary Stevens, Flickr

The Pistahan Parade is set for Saturday Morning at 11am on Mission from Civic Center to 4th. It's a colorful celebration of Filipino Culture and ends at the center of the festival at Yerba Buena.
Photo by John Martinez Pavliga, Flickr

One of the topics that kept coming up in my conversation with Divina & Julian was the amazing food! There are also world-class performances at the main Pistahan Stage, with more intimate dance and music performances at the Bayanihan Stage.
Photo by John Martinez Pavliga, Flickr

You can hear my conversation with Divina & Julian on "Todays World" which airs at 6:30 Sunday Morning on KOIT.
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by Brent Carey posted Aug 5 2014 1:48PM

Is this really a video of a Farmer playing "Royals" by Lorde on a trombone for his cows? Yes. And it looks like they love it! I'm curious if he plays other songs for them, or if this is their favorite. I love how they line up to listen.

My favorite part of the video is right around 3:11, it sounds like they're trying to sing along. It does prove one thing. Everybody loves Lorde.

Photo by Steven Zolneczko, Flickr

by Brent Carey posted Aug 4 2014 12:20PM

What an amazing night Saturday at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater in San Francisco. The 2014 Miss Asian Global/Miss Asian America Pageant was a celebration of culture and community, featuring 27 dynamic young women participating in this year's event.

Here are a few photos from the evening from David Yu Photography via Facebook

Congratulations to this year's winners, Asian America Foundation President Vincent Ma, and everyone involved on a tremendous event. A special thank you to event founder Rose Chung for inviting me to be a judge. It was an honor to be a part of such a special night.
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by Brent Carey posted Aug 1 2014 1:06PM

Photo Credit: Shelly Prevost, Flickr

5 year-old Miles Scott captured hearts across the country last November as "Batkid." Now our favorite superhero is back. His story will be featured in the upcoming Batkid Begins documentary. We got a sneak peek this week with the release of this new trailer.

The fundraising campaign to produce the full documentary is still underway. Emmy Award-winning director Dana Nachman is trying to raise $100,000 through an IndieGoGo Campaign.

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