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Brent Carey

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Hey it’s Brent Carey. My day starts with a great workout, wild Muni bus ride to work, then it’s time to open the mic on KOIT 3-7pm. I love living in the city, hope to run into you soon at a Bay Area event!

by Brent Carey posted Oct 23 2014 8:19AM
Babies are cute. Puppies are cute. Put them together and I think someone tried to create the cutest video compilation ever.

Photo by Kona Gallagher, Flickr
by Brent Carey posted Oct 21 2014 11:32AM
What an exciting week in the Bay Area. The World Series begins today and my social media feeds have been full of posts about the Giants and Royals. I saw this one on Instagram and thought it was especially good. Don't Stop Believing!

Thank you to Dick's Sporting Goods for the Giants hat & shirt!
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by Brent Carey posted Oct 20 2014 2:33PM
Kids aren't the only ones who love jumping in a leaf pile. Stella is a Yellow Lab who loves to dive into those leaves to find her ball.

Photo by Andy Price, Flickr
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by Brent Carey posted Oct 17 2014 12:29PM
Rob Greenfield is on a mission. He's dumpster diving his way across the country to raise awareness about the billions of dollars worth of food wasted each year in the US. Conducting "food fiascos", Rob takes the edible food he finds in dumpsters and displays it to show just how food is wasted. He's been featured in news stories across the country including the LA Times.

This is all food from grocery store dumpsters in #Detroit, tell your grocery store to #DonateNotDump ... #FoodWasteFiasco #FoodWaste

View on Instagram

A few mind-blowing statistics from Rob's website

-We throw away 165 billion dollars worth of food per year in America. That's more than the budgets for America's national parks, public libraries, federal prisons, veteran's health care, the FBI, and the FDA combined.

-About 50 million of our 317 million Americans are food insecure yet we produce enough food to feed over 500 million Americans.

-To create just the amount of food that ends up in the landfills we waste enough water to meet the domestic water needs of every American citizen.

Rob is in the Bay Area this weekend for "Feeding the 5000" in Oakland. It's happening this Saturday October 18th from 12-5pm at Frank Ogawa Plaza.

Rob will be my guest on "Today's World" Sunday 26th 7:00am on KOIT.
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Location : DetroitOakland
People : Rob Greenfield
by Brent Carey posted Oct 16 2014 2:27PM
Yesterday I mentioned on Facebook that I had a friend visiting this weekend who had never been to San Francisco. I asked for suggestions of what we absolutely must do. There's so much to see and do in the City I know we can't do it all in one weekend. The answers were great! I thought I'd share the post with the responses here.

This might help you if you have family or friends visiting in the future. Feel free to add any additional ideas or suggestions to the post.

Photo by Karl Baron, Flickr
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Location : San Francisco
People : Karl Baron
by Brent Carey posted Oct 15 2014 1:58PM
Teddy Bear is not your average porcupine. He has his own Facebook page and has developed an internet following because he talks! You have to hear the sounds he makes, especially as he chows down on these mini-pumpkins. See more of Teddy's videos on his YouTube page

by Brent Carey posted Oct 14 2014 12:03PM
'Dirty Dancing' remains one of the most popular movies of the past 30 years. It's apparently still winning fans in the next generation. You have to see this little boy dance along with the final scene. His name is Charlie and he's got the moves down! I think Patrick Swayze would approve.
Photo by Andy Roberts, Flickr
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by Brent Carey posted Oct 13 2014 2:21PM
Pet owners know how great it is to come home after a long day and find your dog or cat waiting for you. The guy in this video doesn't just come home to one dog, he comes home to a bunch of baby pugs. They're so excited to see him!

Photo by Diriye Amey, Flickr
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by Brent Carey posted Oct 10 2014 1:30PM

Photo by Stephen Payne, Flickr

Jack Hoffman is a 7-year old brain cancer patient. The Nebraska football team adopted Jack and gave him the chance to make a dream come true. He got out on the field with the team during their Spring Game and had a moment he will never forget

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Location : Nebraska
by Brent Carey posted Oct 9 2014 2:44PM
Fall is such a great time of year. The return of football, cooler weather, Halloween and pumpkins! This Corgi puppy has found a miniature pumpkin and decided to play with it. Cutest thing you'll see all day.

Photo by Aine, Flickr
Video by Pyrenean Mastiff
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Topics : Sports
by Brent Carey posted Oct 8 2014 2:34PM
A pop-up version of "Central Perk" from the TV show Friends is now open in New York. Colbie Caillat made a visit earlier this week to help celebrate the launch of her new album Gypsy Heart. Turns out she's a huge fan of Friends! With a little help from the crowd, Colbie performed a bit of Phoebe's infamous "Smelly Cat" before she left.

Photo by Martijn van de Streek, Flickr
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Location : New York
People : Colbie Caillat
by Brent Carey posted Oct 7 2014 2:13PM
Remember the old saying that there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Well this little girl has just spotted a rainbow and it ends at Grandma's house. She has to let Grandma know there's gold!

Photo by Susanne Nilsson, Flickr
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People : Susanne Nilsson
by Brent Carey posted Oct 3 2014 5:31PM
Well this is one way to cool off in the heat. Just down the road from the KOIT studios a truck hit a fire hydrant Friday afternoon. The geyser went 4 stories high near the corner of New Montgomery and Minna.

Here's another view from the 7th floor as firefighters worked to cap the broken hydrant. Everyone cheered at the end!

Photo by Lloyd Morgan, Flickr
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People : Lloyd Morgan
by Brent Carey posted Oct 2 2014 10:58AM
If you grew up in the Bay Area, you're going to love this video. Berkeley native Ian Ransley took old photos from the 60's, 70's and 80's and put together this video. See how many places you remember.

Photo by Roger Wollstadt, Flickr
Berkeley from Stadium (1961)
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by Brent Carey posted Oct 1 2014 4:20PM
Taylor Swift cares about her fans and does a great job of giving back. There have been many stories of how she visits sick fans and stops by hospitals. During one her recent visits, a leukemia patient asked her to join in a version of Adele's "Someone Like You." Even though she didn't know the song by heart, she joined in.

The fan who uploaded the video wrote: I recently underwent a bone marrow transplant due to leukemia. Taylor Swift stopped by the hospital for a surprise visit and dropped by my room to say hi! When she noticed the keyboard in my room, she asked me to play a song for her. I decided to play a song I had recently started working on which was "Someone Like You," by Adele. She said she would sing what she knew, and I said that I would play as much as I knew. This was the most amazing moment in my life being able to accompany Taylor Swift. She is super nice and cordial and probably made everyone's day here at the hospital. It was so great of her to come out specially to visit all of us here at the hospital. And in case you are wondering, I did get a hug from her, unfortunately it wasn't caught on video!

Photo by Eva Rinaldi, Flickr

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