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Brent Carey

Hey it's Brent Carey. My day starts with a great workout, wild Muni bus ride to work, then it's time to open the mic on KOIT 3-8pm. I love living in the city, hope to run into you soon at a Bay Area event!

Weekdays, 3pm-8pm
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by Brent Carey posted Nov 27 2015 2:45PM
Every year we see the Thanksgiving Day parades on TV. The giant balloons, floats and entertainment are all great, but this is the parade I want to see. It's a group of penguins dressed up in their Holiday best. A penguin parade is hard to beat! Just keep an eye on the green penguin in the beginning, he's getting a little aggresive.

Who else wants a Christmas penguin?

Posted by Nova 937 on Friday, December 12, 2014

Photo by Michael Dorausch, Flickr
by Brent Carey posted Nov 23 2015 2:06PM
This little girl can't contain her excitement. Let's face it, meeting your baby brother for the first time is a big deal. She's a little overwhelmed as she walks into the hospital room, but her reaction is priceless.

Photo by BigD2112, Flickr
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Topics : Human Interest
by Brent Carey posted Nov 19 2015 2:26PM
Walkman? Cassette? What is all of this? These kids are clearly stumped. YouTuber Lena Hyde found her old walkman from the 80's and thought it would be fun to see if her kids could figure it out. Turns out it's not as easy as just hitting play on your smartphone!

Photo by Daniel Oines, Flickr
by Brent Carey posted Nov 18 2015 5:09PM
Willow the mini pig is about to discover one of the great joys of fall. He sees the pile of leaves, does a little happy dance and dives right in. There's nothing like playing in the fall leaves. Well done Willow! by saumotions, Flickr
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by Brent Carey posted Nov 17 2015 2:39PM
A group of mischevious penguins had a little adventure recently as they staged an attempted escape from Odense Zoo in Denmark. Unfortunately they didn't get very far. One of the zookeepers followed their tracks and caught them at a dead end. The penguins are back safe and sound now in their enclosure, but likely plotting their next big adventure!

Photo by Glenn Bowman, Flickr
by Brent Carey posted Nov 16 2015 1:10PM
She says Friday night's concert in Stockholm almost didn't happen. Madonna considered cancelling it in the wake of the tragedy in Paris. Instead she decided to go on with the show saying "Why should I give that to them? Why should I allow them to stop me?" After a moving speech and a moment of silence, she invites the crowd to join her singing "Like A Prayer."

Photo by The Zender Agenda, Flickr
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Location : ParisStockholm
People : Madonna
by Brent Carey posted Nov 10 2015 4:04PM
Little Millie is only 3 years old and has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. She's undergoing chemo at Glasgow's New Royal Hospital for Sick Children where her awesome team of nurses decided to do something special for her. They decided a 'Frozen' sing-a-long might be just what the doctor ordered to keep Millie's spirits up during treatment.

They posted the video on Millie's Facebook page and said "... this didn't quite go as I had pictured in my head but we all had fun and as always Millie is showing chemo won't bring her down!!"

So this didn't quite go as I had pictured in my head but we all had fun and as always Millie is showing chemo won't bring her down!!󾠀⛄️❄️I must thank the lovely girls from the night shift last night in schiehallion for being good sports and making Millie's day!. You are all amazing!!󾬏

Posted by Millie's Journey on Friday, November 6, 2015

Photo by On Call Team, Flickr
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Location : Glasgow
by Brent Carey posted Nov 5 2015 5:56PM
Rebecca King, a deaf woman from Florida, stopped by a Starbucks drive-thru to order some drinks. She was trying to communicate before a barista popped up on screen to read her sign language and sign back. Rebecca was thrilled to know her order was being taken in sign language. The next day she returned to get a video of the exchange which has quickly gone viral.

Starbucks! This is what I'm talking about! ❤️Share it away! We can change the world! :)For Licensing/Usage Please contact

Posted by Rebecca King on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Photo by Renee Rendler-Kaplan, Flickr
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Location : Florida
by Brent Carey posted Nov 4 2015 7:12PM
Kids aren't the only ones who love a teddy bear. Arvo the daschund wants his teddy bear to cuddle with while he sleeps. It doesn't matter that the teddy bear looks too big to fit in the kennel. Arvo displays remarkable determination and in the end, the teddy bear fits!

Photo by Howard Young, Flickr
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People : Howard Young
by Brent Carey posted Nov 3 2015 5:35PM
You're probably wondering the same thing I did when I first saw the title of the video. Why are these lambs are wearing diapers? It probably has something to do with them being inside, but it doesn't matter. It's another adorable video from our friends at The Dodo.
Lambs In Diapers

Lambs. In Diapers. You're welcome.

Posted by The Dodo on Monday, November 2, 2015
Photo by Noel Reynolds, Flickr
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People : Noel Reynolds
by Brent Carey posted Nov 2 2015 7:18PM
It's just like the Whack-a-mole arcade game. One raccoon pops up then disappears as two more appear. They disappear and another one appears! Just how many raccoons are actually behind the wall? It's hard to tell, but it looks like they are determined to keep an eye on the visitor recording them.

Photo by lovecatz, Flickr
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Topics : Human Interest
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