Jack Kulp

Buzz off.....

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q: Melissaphobia is the fear of......

A: Bees
Listen for trivia tomorrow to win free movie rentals from Blockbuster, and dinner at Chevy's.

This is pretty cool. As you heard this morning on KOIT, The San Jose Public Library is taking part in a pilot program that lets you text questions, and get fast answers from the SJ Public library and San Jose State University librarians. Almost any question at all. It's available Mon through Fri 1p-6p. Overnight questions will be answered the next day. Anyone with a cell phone can use the service and, other than what your carrier charges for texts, it's free. To send a text question from you cell phone, send a message to 66746, and start with A-s-k-S-J.

Chief Bill French and and the Orinda PD weren't messing around during the using-cell-phone-while-driving crackdown last week. 61 citations in two days. Pretty good for a town the size of Orinda. Thumbs up.

08/18/2009 4:13AM
Buzz off.....
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