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Charly Kayle

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Hi it’s Charly, welcome to my page. When I’m not hanging with my five furry family members, I’m volunteering with animals, enjoying a Bay Area microbrew or vineyard, and I’m here, interacting with you!

by Charly Kayle posted Sep 30 2014 6:40PM
All photos courtesy: Charly Kayle
Had a rough day, just needed the calming energy & peaceful beauty of Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill in San Francisco.
Always a respite from the craziness & insanity of life.

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Location : San Francisco
by Charly Kayle posted Sep 26 2014 10:19AM
You've always got an "Anti Bad-Vibe-Shield" within. Just imagine this (or your own mental design), and throw LOVE at whatever is bugging you.
By sending loving thoughts & energy to a difficult situation or person, it makes it go away!... or at least become easier to deal with. heart
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by Charly Kayle posted Sep 24 2014 8:00AM
Kashi (above) says, "Conserve water, don't turn on the faucet."

Shana dares me to turn the water on. (I won't.)

Marco just fits!

BluCali & Kashi both find ways to stay cool.

Kashi has no intention of moving. (Nor should he.)
All pictures courtesy Charly Kayle
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People : Charly Kayle
by Charly Kayle posted Sep 23 2014 8:40PM
Yup, this is my house. The only thing missing is the corner of small cat food sample bags, just in case I run out of the food they like (for this minute).
And yes, cats are sooo worth it.
heart Proud to be a #CrazyCatLady heart
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by Charly Kayle posted Sep 19 2014 7:45AM
Photo credit: Charly Kayle, with permission of her dog, Brooklyn
How exciting to meet such an amazing lady at the recent Strutt Your Mutt SF for Best Friends Animal Society (Treasure Island, Aug 23, 2014). The internationally-renowned Animal Communicator Dr. Laurie Moore donated her time, energy & talents to connect with our companion animals.
Dr. Laurie Moore, Ph.D, LMFT, CHT, has appeared on KRON, NBC, CNN, Fox News, O'Reilly Factor, Ricki Lake, The John Walsh Show, and hundreds of other television & radio shows, written dozens of books, and is no stranger to skepticism. While her demeanor instantly puts you at ease, the real test is the animal's reaction.
My rescue mutt, Brooklyn, is hesitant to get close to anyone and takes his time to sniff a person out. With Dr. Laurie, he sized her up for 2 seconds, then went in for a big slurp across her face. I've NEVER seen Brooklyn take to anyone that quickly, EVER. Good start!
And it only got better. Without telling her my own situation, Dr. Laurie tuned in to each of my five animals individually, and heard about my deep sadness, grief, and coping mechanisms. So I shared that my fiance had died suddenly, and I was busting my you-know-what to take care of them, both physically and emotionally. She said they KNOW they're very, very loved... they are more worried about me. I can stop stressing over their grief, and in turn they won't have to worry as much about my welfare. They also want me to take better care of myself, and get some medical situations taken care of. Once again, dead on. (Bad me, I've been really putting off a necessary medical procedure.)
I learned so much more about each of them, but even more about me, in only the short time we talked. Will I go back to her for more interspecies interaction? DEFINITELY.
~~ [VIDEO] Check out this interview explaining what she does & how she does it,
with Henry Tenenbaum on KRON 4 News. ~~

For more on Dr. Laurie Moore's amazing work, visit

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Topics : Human Interest
People : Laurie Moore
by Charly Kayle posted Sep 18 2014 10:14AM
From Parents Central, a great resource for keeping kids safe in the car.
Sat, Sept 20th, 2014 is Child Car Seat Saturday!
* Use this Car Seat Inspection Station Locator to find a spot near you to inspect and make sure you've got your car seat installed properly. *
by Charly Kayle posted Sep 17 2014 11:00AM
Photo credit: Leroy French of Underwater Films
Heartwarming to see Ben the dog's passion to go swimming in Ireland's Tory Island Harbor with his dolphin, Doogie. They meet up almost every day & can swim together for hours.
If other species can get along so well, what happened to humans? {{sigh}}

by Charly Kayle posted Sep 16 2014 8:50AM
Photo credit: Charly Kayle, by permission of her cat Shana
Cats are amazing creatures who have earned the right to look at us with disdain, when we don't appreciate the furry fiber they add to our meals or leave as designs on our clothes.
More important is the power of the purr - to heal our minds, spirits & BODIES!

Infographic courtesy Daily Infographic ~ Also, see 14 Ways Your Cat Improves Your Health
heart Cats, I love you! heart Proud to be a #CrazyCatLady! heart
by Charly Kayle posted Sep 15 2014 12:29PM
Photo courtesy Seeing Eye/Facebook Page
Faces too precious for words.
These seeing eye dogs-in-training from The Seeing Eye, Inc. in Morristown, NJ, accompanied their students to a baseball game and made hearts flutter.

Another little guy to pull your heartstrings, this seeing eye pup is from Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, CA.
Photo courtesy Guide Dogs for the Blind/Facebook Page.
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by Charly Kayle posted Sep 11 2014 8:34AM
All photos by David Yu Photography

Fleet Week San Francisco - October 7-13, 2014 - reclaims its former "spectacular status" with the return of the Blue Angels!
Arrival is Thur, Oct 9 at 12 noon, with practice runs til 5:00pm.

Enjoy these pics of Fleet Week SF 2012 by San Francisco photographer David Yu, so breathtaking you almost need earplugs. (You'll want them for the real thing. Just don't bring your dog. WAY too loud for sensitive ears!)

Thank you David Yu, for your incredible perspective and talent.
Looking forward to seeing #fleetweeksf 2014 through your lens!

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Location : San Francisco
People : David Yu
by Charly Kayle posted Sep 10 2014 9:42AM
When Igor's family left for a long trip, they didn't want him feeling homesick at the lonely, boring kennel near his home in Norway. So they redecorated it with his favorite couch, pictures and wall paint. And the best part, he made a new friend for life, as Helga the St. Bernard swung by every day to visit!

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People : Bulldog
by Charly Kayle posted Sep 8 2014 10:32AM
Where ever this place is, it would take (almost) all of my fun away!

However, I LOVE this one....

These also have their place....

And of course, gotta love this one!...
by Charly Kayle posted Sep 3 2014 6:53PM
Photo credit: RJ Garcia Photography
Going to Levi's Stadium to catch the San Francisco 49ers in action, anytime soon?
NBC Bay Area has the latest on what & how. Let me know what you think of the new stadium. (You'll be going before I will!)

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Topics : Sports
by Charly Kayle posted Sep 2 2014 8:00AM
... the more they stay the same.
San Francisco Chronicle article from July 20, 1965, re-printed in this Sunday's paper (August 30, 2014) in the "CHRONICLE CLASSIC" column.

Other people had garages like mine back then? Phew! Nice to know I'm not alone,... in any decade.
Read whole article here.
Chronicle columnist Adeline Daley.
Source: unknown (from SF Chronicle archives)

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