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Hi it’s Charly, KOIT's proud #CrazyCatLady & avid dog lover. When I’m not hanging with my five furry family members, I’m volunteering with animals, enjoying a Bay Area microbrew or touring a dog-friendly vineyard.  >^..^<

by Charly Kayle posted Jan 27 2015 12:00PM
Celebrity sighting! It's "Hollis", a Medical Alert Assistance Dog with Dogs4Diabetics (D4D) of the San Francisco Bay Area. D4D trains service dogs
to detect the odor of hypoglycemia on insulin-dependent diabetics.

When I started to hug Hollis, he first gave me a good "sniffing over", then decided my lap was suitable for plopping, and quickly settled on it.
I realized he had just given me a free check-up! heart

Hear more about Hollis & ALL the D4D service dogs when Dogs4Diabetics is profiled Sun, Feb 8, 2015 at 7:15am on KOIT's Listen Up Bay Area with Jack Kulp.

All photos courtesy Charly Kayle. Follow me on Facebook & Twitter @charlykayle
by Charly Kayle posted Jan 26 2015 10:00AM
Photo by Marci Kladnik & Manuel Flores
My dream home... a house that's been "caticized" or "catified".
(That's "modified to accomodate cats".)

Check out Peter Cohen's amazing kitty paradise in Goleta, CA, just north of Santa Barbara. He constructed it himself for his rescue cats.

Full story & pics at
More construction details & pics at House of Nekko on

VIDEO of Peter Cohen's house courtesy

Afterall, you've heard the saying "Happy cats, happy life."
Scientifically proven to be accurate!*
*See "Purr Power Soothes the Soul & Heals the Body"

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by Charly Kayle posted Jan 23 2015 1:30PM
I see what I'll be doing this weekend. Putting away Christmas decorations.

Goodbye 'til next season.

This calls for wine fortification! cheeky

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by Charly Kayle posted Jan 22 2015 2:10PM
Fastest way for your kids to get spoiled? Send them to Grandma & Grandpa's. They get to stay up too late, eat too much junk and buy too many toys (paid for by the very same parents who always told you "NO").

Well it's the same for animals. My mom is here visiting, and my cats & dogs follow her around like she's the Pied Piper, or more likely, "Supreme Treat Dispenser". Just watch them trip over themselves to follow her everytime
she gets up off the couch.

Example above: Photographic evidence! Mom is simply attempting to pour a
cup of coffee, but my furchildren are sure it means they're getting a snack.

She can try to tell me she doesn't sneak them treats, but they're telling me otherwise!

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by Charly Kayle posted Jan 21 2015 6:45PM
Photo credit: Rob Marquardt via Flickr
Does kitty scratch & scream when you get her near the carrier? Try this.
It's called the "Blind Superman Technique", and it takes less than a minute,
with no blood drawn or limbs torn from your body!

1) Don't tip off your cat. Get carrier out QUIETLY. Don't even put your coat on!
2) Put carrier at waist level, such as on a counter.
3) Cover cat's eyes with one hand, and carry while sweeping legs forward.
4) When cat is part way in, gently lean on back end so she doesn't back out.
5) Pour a shot of tequila for yourself to celebrate. (Oh wait, save that for when you come back from the vet!)

Video courtesy Dr. Karen Becker of Healthy Pets at Dr.

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by Charly Kayle posted Jan 20 2015 11:30AM
All photos courtesy William Lee of San Francisco

Many thanks to the Sea Lions of Pier 39 in San Francisco, for providing 25
years of laughter & entertainment. And with that comes increased tourism!

They moved in after the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989, and never moved out.
Get their whole story here at the Sea Lion Center.

Sea Lions needing rescue & rehab get help from the Marine Mammal Center.

Want to see them party like it's 2015?
Invade their privacy 24/7 on the Sea Lion Web Cam.
by Charly Kayle posted Jan 16 2015 12:24PM
Above: Just before ARF celebrated 30,000 adoptions. #ARF30K
When I stopped by ARF - Tony LaRussa's Animal Rescue Foundation
in Walnut Creek, CA, I had no idea that besides a world class cat & dog
shelter, I was also stepping into a fascinating "baseball museum"!

Tony LaRussa's memorabilia, visible to all, but behind locked doors.

World Series rings.

Close-up views. Look but don't touch (or try on).

Budweiser Clydesdale horseshoe. Famous artists who've performed there.

Me, trying to dress appropriately! ARF on Facebook @ARFtweets
All photos courtesy Charly Kayle Follow me on Facebook or Twitter @charlykayle
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People : Tony LaRussa
by Charly Kayle posted Jan 15 2015 6:00PM
One of my favorite buildings in San Francisco. I call it the "Seal Building".

700 Mason St, at Bush St, in San Francisco, along the steep climb up to Nob Hill.

I have no idea what this building is, although it looks to be apartments.
So many hidden treaures in this city. I just love the architecture.... SEALS!
All photos courtesy Charly Kayle
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by Charly Kayle posted Jan 14 2015 10:00AM
(above) Cock-A-Doodle-Marco
None of my animals are fans. And none of these outfits lasted more than 2 minutes.

Lion King Kashi Hawaiian Lei Greeter Sasha

Annoyed Birthday Cat Shana Devil Dog Brooklyn

So did some marketing company come up with this "holiday" to sell more costumes?
It was actually concocted by an animal advocate to bring attention to pet adoption.

I'm ok with that, but my cats & dogs told me that since I've already adopted them,
get the costumes off!

#adopt #rescue #crazycatlady #dogfreak
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by Charly Kayle posted Jan 13 2015 5:00PM
My German Shepherd, Sasha, picks up words so quickly you have to spell them.
Then she learns the spellings, so you have to change it up constantly.

I can't say "walk", "ride", "go", "beach", "dog park" or "treats" anymore without
her running to the front door.

So when I was deep in conversation with a friend and "the Cliff House" came up,
I was shocked when Sasha jumped up excitedly. She recognized the name from
the times I've told my dog-loving friends to meet me on Ocean Beach, "at the end
by the Cliff House" (as I say to them).

Smart Sasha. I can't even imagine all my secrets she knows.
Luckily a trip to Ocean Beach is enough to bribe her not to spill them!

All photos courtesy Charly Kayle, by permission of Sasha. (Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA)
by Charly Kayle posted Jan 12 2015 8:00AM
"A Commuter's Dream" All photos courtesy Grace Calles of California Travel Videos

The Golden Gate Bridge, devoid of traffic, while closed Jan 10-11, 2015
to install movable steel-&-concrete barriers separating north & south lanes.

Always stunning.

A "zipper truck" in action, changing lanes with the new movable barriers.
Video & all photos courtesy Grace Calles of California Travel Videos
by Charly Kayle posted Jan 9 2015 8:00PM
This beautiful colorization of my picture of Gus & Sasha was sent to me by a woman I just met today on Facebook, after she read my story "How I Aged 100 Years In Only One", about my own healing process after the death last year of my fiance.

Many layers of interpretation to appreciate.

I see pieces of the Cosmos weaving in and out of each other, creating an illusion that lasts a lifetime.... or only a fleeting second in the time-frame of the Universe.
I see the positive aspects of a former reality bleeding into the present,
leaving it's energetic imprint as an impetus to create more good things in life.


Thank you to Heather Jane Wyatt for the lovely gifts your Photo Art gave me.
Original below courtesy Charly Kayle.

by Charly Kayle posted Jan 7 2015 6:30PM
My birthday isn't until May. Some friends standing nearby asked, "Did he just tell you Happy Birthday? Wasn't it awhile ago?" None of us could figure it out.

Until I went back to my desk and realized he must have been over there stealing a pen, and saw the "Happy Birthday Charly" sign on the hutch over my desk. It's a souvenir from last May 16th when my boss plastered the whole 12th floor with signs everywhere, including the coffee machine. He stopped short of the Ladies' Room.

Memories. Yes, I'm a "saver". But now I know who's been stealing my pens!
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by Charly Kayle posted Jan 6 2015 1:30PM
Annoyed cold cats, I get it. I'm cold too.
Don't worry, Kashi & Marco always stay warm.

Either they're in front of the heater or under my blanket,
and that's how I keep warm!

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by Charly Kayle posted Jan 5 2015 7:00PM
Jan 5, 2015: I made it through my dreaded "Year of Firsts". It was one year ago today that my world changed forever when I lost Gus, my fiance/partner of almost 8 years, unexpectedly and traumatically. And I have come out the other side stronger and wiser, albeit feeling like I got run over by a fleet of Army tanks.

Something I learned: everybody has some sort of deep pain and loss in their lives, and more people than you'd EVER suspect have survived the death of a spouse/partner or (even harder to accept) a child. They rarely talk about it.

Something else I learned: we all have an amazing amount of strength within us we had no clue we had, until the time comes that we need to use it.

e grieves differently. I withdrew into my own cocoon of animal therapy and reliance on a Higher Power. My spiritual philosophies saved my sanity, even though my heart was broken. I know our souls live on, even though the body has expired. The soul never dies, it is just the physical encasement that doesn't last.

STILL, I wanted that physical body to stick around about 50 decades longer! We were supposed to be that elderly couple holding hands on a park bench, going home to our 500 cats and our 5 o'clock martinis. Since that didn't happen, I have to move forward with my life, creating an experience that reflects the newly wise woman I am.
I learned a valuable lesson about horrendous pain. Embrace it. (Ouch.)
Find a safe time and place, and when you feel that familiar discomfort rushing toward you, meet it head on and let it flow inside and over and through you. It will crush your heart and hurt more than anything you've ever felt in your life, feeling like you can't breathe, but it will move THROUGH you, and finally OUT of you.

It will never hurt quite that badly again, I promise. You will cry your heart and lungs out, but this is more cleansing than you'll ever realize. And necessary.

So I feel like I've aged 100 years, but I'm also centuries wiser than I was a year ago.
I know there is joy to be found.
Let's find that joy and live life with maturity, patience and COMPASSION.

Above: collage of memories Top: teaching 6-month old Sasha puppy how to swim
All photos courtesy Charly Kayle
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