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Charly Kayle

Charly KayleWeekdays, 5:30am - 10am

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Hi it’s Charly, KOIT's proud #CrazyCatLady & avid dog lover. When I’m not hanging with my five furry family members, I’m volunteering with animals, enjoying a Bay Area microbrew or touring a dog-friendly vineyard.  >^..^<


by Charly Kayle posted Aug 28 2015 11:45AM
Check out the new "Thin Blue Line"-ed crosswalks at Taraval St & 47th Ave,
a block from Ocean Beach in San Francisco. They freshen up the area and look amazing!

(above) The corner, looking across Taraval St, in the Outer Sunset district.

(above) About to walk across 47th Ave. Just makes you smile.

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People : Sasha Do
by Charly Kayle posted Aug 27 2015 8:20PM
A new study says, according to children, the perfect bedtime story is:
* 8 minutes & 36 seconds long
* set in a castle
* cast with a Princess, Dragon, Wizard & Fairy
* about friendship, with a scary moment, a battle & a happy ending
* includes a magic wand & a cell phone

So to save you the time & trouble, I concocted one for you:

Once upon a time there was a Prince named Andrew who lived in a big castle in Milpitas.
His tech roommates went off wine tasting and fell in love with the simplicity of life at their favorite Sonoma winery, so they never went back, finding it easier to code in the vineyards.
At least the ones with wifi.

They left their dragon, Fido, (adopted from Bay Area Dragon Rescue*) and cat named Fairy (from CATch A Cat Rescue*) to look after him. [*Editor's note: not actual rescues. Yet.]

Andrew loved Fido & Fairy, but they were food hogs and guarded the kitchen diligently, and he was very hungry. So he tried to send smoke signals out of his bedroom window, hoping someone would see them and bring him some takeout Thai. Why didn't he just use his cell phone?
Who knows. (Little Prince Andrew was sometimes quite distracted.)

The smoke attracted the attention of the fire department, and Fire Princess Charly came to the rescue. She broke down the castle door, because she wanted to test out her new fairy tale muscles and didn't see the doorbell.

When she got inside, there was no fire visible, so she hung out in the kitchen petting Fido & Fairy.
Eventually, the smoke drifted downstairs, so she followed the trail and found Prince Andrew lighting matches, and papers, and all the accoutrements a boy finds fascinating.

Fire Princess Charly gave him a long and stern lecture about the dangers of fire, especially during a drought, and kept on talking and talking and talking so long that Prince Andrew anxiously begged her to stop, and promised he would NEVER play with fire again, if she would JUST.... STOP..... TALKING....

She gave him a hug and took him out for Indian Food, not the takeout Thai he had been craving.
She wanted to show him that he really would like Indian Cuisine if he just gave it a try, doggone-it.
And he did!

When they went back to the castle (with doggy bags, because there's always some Chicken Tikka Masala & Chicken Korma left over), they happily discovered that the Great Ice Cream Wizard had seen Fire Princess Charly's bravery and Prince Andrew's loneliness, so sent the ice cream man to deliver an eternity's worth of It's-Its and Three Twins ice cream (and an energy-saving freezer to hold it all).

Fire Princess Charly pulled out her magic wand, also known as her super-sized cell phone, and voila!, made a Wine Wizard appear with 200 cases of wine in all their favorite styles and varieties.
[Another Editor's note: both Andrew & Charly are over 21, or else they would be drinking grape juice and Dr. Pepper.]

So Andrew & Charly had all the ice cream and wine they ever wanted, and were able to devote their lives to rescuing animals (that story to come later), and lived happily ever after, broadcasting on KOIT.

The End

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People : CharlyDragon
by Charly Kayle posted Aug 26 2015 7:15PM
Woof! Celebrate by doing something extra fun with your dog, such as
going to the dog park (above), as Brooklyn (left) & Sasha (center) did.
Or better yet, adopt a dog!

And.... Happy International Day of Dog to everyone born under the
Chinese Zodiac sign of DOG! Some attributes include loyalty, compatibility & kindness.

But back to adopting a dog: have fun! Your life will change forever as you discover the joys of having a companion who shows unfailing loyalty and showers you with unconditional love.

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Topics : Human Interest
by Charly Kayle posted Aug 25 2015 7:35PM
(above) Picture text I received at 6:28am this morning from a friend of mine, of an empty spray bottle at the checkout counter.

She was excited they had been re-stocked. She just thought it was so cute, and knew it was crazy to be excited over such a small thing, but had to share it with someone. I appreciate that she shared her enthusiasm with me!

That's what I love about my friends! They celebrate the little things in life.

The truth is, your heart, mind, body & soul feel a positive spark from anything that makes you happy, whether it's a thought or an occurance.
All of them are healthy and beneficial to your well-being!

Positive energy is healing no matter what instigated it.

* Those who celebrate the little things in life have a happier life! *

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by Charly Kayle posted Aug 24 2015 7:36PM
What's its story? I found this creature sitting on the stretch of Ocean Beach between Taraval & Ulloa. My best guess is that it was abandoned by Outsidelands campers who were hoping to make our beautiful beach
their outdoor bedroom/patio/party spot.

Anyone want to buy a couch? I can take you to it, but I can't vouch for the comfort level. I will NOT sit on it. But I'd love to hear its stories!

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by Charly Kayle posted Aug 21 2015 7:10PM
Someone created an "Emoji Mosaic Maker" that does an excellent job of using emojis to turn my dog Sasha (above) into a work of art.

Marco the Man Cat (below) came out looking adorable.

Shana (below) is looking sweet & soulful.

Brooklyn's image
(below) is a little scattered, yet still awfully cute.

But WHOA.... what happened to us?? (below)

So maybe people don't come out quite as well? Andrew & I sure don't.
Unless we really do look like this and no one has the guts to tell us!

Create your own Emoji Mosaic here.

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by Charly Kayle posted Aug 20 2015 3:55PM
(above) My sad, pouty face when my computer took a dive this morning during the show.

No computer, no show.
At least that's what it feels like. Of course "the show must go on", so I have a lot of the morning show information stockpiled somewhere in my head.
But isn't it amazing how much we depend on our computers to do our job?

I worked in radio long before we had computers in the studio (or at home, for that matter), and remember the days of prepping for a morning show at the library, the book store, and with the morning newspaper. I'd walk into the studio with stacks of handwritten notes, torn pages from magazines and newspapers, and there were already piles of books in the corner.

Back then, there wasn't a DVR or TIVO to record 9 different nightly newcasts (yes I really record nine), so you had to watch it and take notes in real time, or record with the VCR. (And you could only record ONE show at a time.)

Without my computer for (part of) this morning, I couldn't believe how inaccessible all my information was. Everything is in digital form these days.

But the truth is, I'm not complaining. I've learned I need a backup plan, but
I like how things have evolved!

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by Charly Kayle posted Aug 19 2015 6:40PM
(above) Fresh Benjamins I'm imagining in my wallet. Photo credit: flickr / torbakhopper

I was walking down the street and my ears perked up when I heard a mom getting out of her car saying, "Who wants to earn some extra money?"
Unfortunately, she wasn't talking to me, but to her kids. They barely answered (so I almost did). Finally one of the little boys asked in a bored voice, "How?"

She replied, "Help me hang the curtains I'm picking up." Both boys said, "Ehhhh, naw." She insisted, "All you have to do is stand there and hold them for me while I'm hanging them. I'll pay you." There was a long pause, and sadly by then, I was out of earshot so never heard how much, or if they were even interested enough to ask, but I'll say this.... even a quarter is too much.

I realize I'm not a parent so don't know the intricacies of getting a child to cooperate, but that attempt at bribery stuck with me all afternoon. I couldn't believe that it wouldn't be "a given" that when mom asks you to hold something for her, you do it. Dad asks you to get a tool out of the garage/basement/attic, you run and get it.

What happened in this world that everyone has to be rewarded for ANY action that is considered helpful to another individual? Holding some curtains for 10 minutes could hardly be constituted as a favor, yet these boys weren't even willing to do it in return for cold, hard cash. Can you imagine when they're unleashed upon the workforce?

Entitlement is a sad turn of events.

Hardworking. Deserving. Helpful.
I like those words - and character traits - better.

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by Charly Kayle posted Aug 18 2015 8:45PM

Kashi isn't sympathetic. He wants dinner regardless whether I can walk or not. I was plowed into at the dog park by a German Shepherd who was playing with my own German Shepherd. In fact, she's her best friend!

It's ok, I've been knocked down before, and I'm sure I will be again.

Of course it had to be on the leg that's already had two knee sugeries.
What is it about injured body parts that seem to signal "hit me"?

(above) Swollen left knee shortly after accident, grass stains still intact.
(That'll take some work to get those out. Will they even come out?)

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by Charly Kayle posted Aug 17 2015 1:10PM
The 4.0 Piedmont earthquake from this morning had nothing to do with this.
It's because I took my little dog Brooklyn to get groomed, and Sasha felt slighted because she didn't get to go too.

She had it in her (thick) head that I must have taken Brooklyn to the beach, so she retaliated. She never gets into the trash or clears off the kitchen counter any other time, only when I take Brooklyn somewhere and she doesn't go too.


Thanks a lot, Sasha. Did I mention how much I enjoy cleaning?... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

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People : Sasha
by Charly Kayle posted Aug 14 2015 3:05PM
I'm taking a cue from my dog who continuously encourages me to get out and meet more dogs... or people... actually, she introduces me to both. I can ALWAYS count on Sasha (the German Shepherd in the Warriors bandanna above, at Ocean Beach) to get me out in the sunshine and fresh air, and soak in the negative ions of the water.

Ocean Beach, Ft. Funston and Crissy Field beach (above) are our sanctuaries, and I am grateful beyond belief to have them at our disposal. Anyone who was born and raised in the Bay Area has no idea how FORTUNATE they are!

And I'm even MORE thankful for Sasha, and my whole fur family, for being by my side and showering me with unconditional love.
Eternally grateful for their presence in my life.

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by Charly Kayle posted Aug 13 2015 11:50AM
(above) I am completely entranced with the hypnotizing golden tones coming from "Larry", officially known as the "Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy", currently in the custody of the 2015 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors.

"Larry" provided us with all the inside scoop of what goes on behind the scenes in
an NBA championship locker room. You wouldn't believe all the secrets he spilled.
I can't believe the Warriors let us alone with him!

(above) Andrew and I forged a special bond with "Larry" that we'll never forget.

Go Warriors, bring "Larry" back to us next year!

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by Charly Kayle posted Aug 12 2015 4:45PM
(above) Interviewing Executive Producer (show creator/judge/dancer/choreographer)
Nigel Lythgoe on Aug 8, 2009 in Las Vegas, during filming of SYTYCD Season 6.
(Remember, cell phone cameras didn't have many pixels in 2009, hence the poor quality!)

I'm loving this season of one of my absolute favorite shows, "So You Think You Can Dance" (Season 12: Stage vs Street). Watching it brings back memories of when I sat in on the Vegas Callback Rounds (held then at Planet Hollywood in the Theater for the Performing Arts), while it was being filmed for Season 6.

Over the years I've also had the pleasure of interviewing Nigel Lythgoe (gracious & witty), Mary Murphy (very sweet & sincere), Adam Shankman (knowlegable & nice), Debbie Allen (a lady & a legend), Paula Abdul (earnest & sweet), Lil' C (profound & funny) and host Cat Deeley (so nice & very "real").

(above) With judge Mary Murphy. With judge Adam Shankman.

Everyone associated with the show was incredibly sincere, down to earth, and couldn't have shown me more respect. Nobody threw out a diva attitude.

So refreshing to experience that in show business, where all too often you have to endure the opposite!

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by Charly Kayle posted Aug 11 2015 7:40PM
A radio friend of mine just opened this for his birthday. It came in the mail anonymously. This is NOT the kind of card most people would want, including me.

Especially when you have animals, because no matter what, they will somehow walk through or roll around in it. (Dangerous if they ingest it by licking it off their fur, too!)

My friend took it extremely well. He commented on Facebook that apparently the person who sent it didn't know him well enough... that his apartment was already filled with glitter and shiny things, so it fit his decor. Great attitude! (But still, nooo!)

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Topics : Human Interest
by Charly Kayle posted Aug 10 2015 9:15PM

Having fun at Outside Lands Music Festival! My morning show partner Andrew & I get photobombed in the VIP Tent (above).

(above) The infamous windmills in the center of Outside Lands.

(below) Video proof that the seeds of trees in Golden Gate Park absorbed too much acid over the years and grew "Acidlyptus" Trees. (Hah!)

(above) I was thrilled to catch Daily Show correspondents Hasan Minahj,
Al Madrigal & Jordan Klepper.

(above) Mumford & Sons on the main stage Fri night.

Can't wait until next year. Wish they knew the line-up for 2016!!

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by Charly Kayle posted Aug 7 2015 10:25AM
Because Baron (above) is just sooooooo precious!

But when he keeps me up tonight playing tug-of-war-rope over & over & over & over & over again.... and over & over & over.... then I'll bring him back.

Bonus: he's keeping my big German Shepherd, Sasha, occupied.

But now she's had it and ready to nap on her big dog bed.

(above) An exhausted Sasha is clearly over the whole "puppy thing".

So it looks like I'm heading back over to my friend's house to return little Baron so he can keep her awake now. She'll be glad to have him back!

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by Charly Kayle posted Aug 6 2015 7:55PM
(above) Shadow, Shelby & Enzo - happy siblings connected by KOIT's Wet Nose Wed.

It's been one year since I made that impromptu road trip to bring Shadow,
a sweet black laborador retriever, who had been rescued from a horrible existence here in the San Francisco Bay Area by
FurEver Animal Rescue,
to his new loving home in Las Vegas.

(above) Shadow's mom Sandy posted a beautiful Facebook message today.

Aug 6, 2014: My dog Sasha (right) did most of the driving while I slept. Shadow (left) clearly was doing some backseat driving.

Aug 6, 2014: My little Brooklyn was my lookout, keeping his eye out for the cops.
(Just kidding, would I speed?)

Aug 6, 2014: 11:30pm - we arrived! I'd been up since 2:00am (with NO sleep the night before), so was rather delirious. Brooklyn did his usual photobombing.

So why did I volunteer to make a 10-hour drive (in the heat of summer) all by myself, using my own vacation days, with only my two dogs & Shadow as my

Intuition & compassion.

Pure and simple, I followed my gut instincts and said to the family via Facebook (whom I had never met), "You adopt, I'll bring." And I did. And I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome, and happy to have made new forever friends with Shadow's human parents! (Plus, it doesn't hurt to have a Vegas crash pad, now does it? LOL!)

Past Shadow Stories:
Blog of his grooming the night before we left. Aug 2014: "Excuse Me While I Bathe"

Blog of our journey on the road. Aug 2014: "#Vegas Or BUST Starring Shadow!"

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by Charly Kayle posted Aug 5 2015 6:00PM
It's the "Hello Kitty" Chia Pet experiment. This was a Christmas present, and I just discovered that chia sprouts can be eaten in salads & sandwiches. So nutritious!

I do NOT have a green thumb, but I decided to grow my little clay friend anyway.

Day 1: Shana overlooks the proceedings. Day 2: Sprouts are starting.

Day 6: Starting to fill in nicely. Day 12: Kinda patchy, did I forget to water??

Day 15: Where are the clippers? Day 18: Lush & luxurious, eat me now!

Day 30: Oops, dried-out browned sprouts. Waited too late. Sorry little Chia Kitty. crying

I guess I need the Chia Procrasti-Pet.

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by Charly Kayle posted Aug 4 2015 9:45PM
(above) Ferry Building tower along the Embarcadero, San Francisco, lit up for the 100th anniversary of the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition.

I was walking along with several people involved in several different conversations all going on simultaneously, when I stopped and looked up. The conversations all faded in the background and I gave thanks for that exact moment in time that I was experiencing.

Sometimes we get so caught up in what we're thinking/doing/saying, we forget to appreciate what we have in the here and now. Be present and live in the moment.

Learn from the past, prepare for the future, but live in the present.

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by Charly Kayle posted Aug 3 2015 9:28PM
At the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life event in Vallejo on Sat, August 1st,
I was happy to be invited to the "Friends & Family" tent supporting "Girls Love Mail".
This encourages women to write letters to other women, who have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer. What a wonderful enterprise.

I was honored to support the cause with a letter from my heart.

Find out the guidelines, and how you can help at

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