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Hi it’s Charly, KOIT's proud #CrazyCatLady & avid dog lover. When I’m not hanging with my five furry family members, I’m volunteering with animals, enjoying a Bay Area microbrew or touring a dog-friendly vineyard.  >^..^<

Posts from May 2014
by Charly Kayle posted May 29 2014 12:02PM
FurEver Animal Rescue is in TWO locations this weekend during "Maddie's Pet Adoption Days" for Maddie's Fund
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by Charly Kayle posted May 28 2014 11:30AM
Such wisdom, courage & ability to affect change all over the world.
May your soul be comforted by all the comfort you gave to others.

Love, Charly
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by Charly Kayle posted May 27 2014 12:24PM
This is what $490 looks like.  Just took a look at my counter, and the fun I have scheduling all of Sasha's medications these days. My German Shepherd has been limping, then compensates by putting more stress on the other leg, resulting in two swollen front legs. At least I'm keeping all her meds straight!
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