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Did you hug a teacher today?

Today is National Teacher's day in the US, and the start of National Teacher's week. Teacher's Day is observed in many other countries as well.

Today's trivia question on KOIT:

Q: In what country is Teacher's Day celebrated with beach parties?

A: The Dominican Republic where Teacher's Day falls on June 30th. I guess that's the day EVERYONE can play hooky!

Our son, Jordan, turned 12 last week.  But we had a big party for him this past weekend. Kim wanted to bake a special cake for him, and she found this recipe, and thought it would be fun. Here's what the finished product looked like:


Yup.  Your basic kitty litter cake.  What birthday, for a 12 year old, would be complete without one?  I was in charge of two things.  The first was to microwave the Tootsie Rolls, and turn them into, well, you know. She then asked me to go to the pet store and buy a new litterbox & scoop. I told her we had some litterboxes in the garage that were no longer being used - just run 'em through the dishwasher. Presto.  She was not amused...until I told her I was kidding. She should know that about me by now.

Speaking of critters, did you hear that a guy tried to cross the Golden Gate on a horse yesterday? He was turned back to a waiting trailer. The horse had a FasTrak transponder strapped to his head. No he didn't.

05/04/2009 11:13AM
Did you hug a teacher today?
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