Jack Kulp

Did you want butter on that?

This morning's trivia on KOIT :

Q: While we like popcorn here, what's the preferred movie snack in South America?

A: fried ants. Yup, saw that on Food Network over the weekend.

Trivia again tomorrow morning at 6:20 for Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets, FOUR of 'em!

Didn't have ants at the theater Saturday night. Didn't matter though. Kim and I saw a great movie....one of the best I've seen in a long time. "City Island" with Andy Garcia,  Julianna Margulies,  a quick turn by Alan Arkin, and several actors and actresses I've never seen before, including Garcia's real-life daughter Dominik...ALL of them great! It's a story of a slightly dysfunctional Bronx family with each member harboring their own secret. It reminded me of a funnier "Sunshine Girl", and not just because Alan Arkin was in it. You can check out the film's trailer here.  But please, go see it because I'd like to know what you think.

Good luck with Monday. Survival of the fittest, and you'll do fine.

See you tomorrow morning at 5!

Jack Kulp, KOIT

05/03/2010 5:35AM
Did you want butter on that?
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