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How are ya? It’s Linda Cassidy. Wrap up your workday with me every night with great stress-free music on KOIT. I can’t thank you enough for making my show one of the most-listened-to programs in the Bay Area!

Disabled Kitten Learns to Walk [VIDEO]

by Brent Carey posted Jul 17 2014 1:52PM

Thumper was part of a rescue litter, but right away they noticed something about this cute kitten.  He was having problems using his back legs.  They discovered Thumper had a rare neurological disorder.  His foster mom wasn't about to give up on him though.  She had an idea to build a walker for Thumper to help him walk.  Not only did it improve his mobility, now he can even run and play just like the rest of his brothers and sisters. 

Photo by Dhl via Flickr

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07/17/2014 2:11PM
Disabled Kitten Learns to Walk [VIDEO]
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