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Fastest thumbs in the West......

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q: How many text messages does the average teen send every day?

A:  8O.  The number comes from Greenbrae pediatrician Dr. Martin Joffe.  Dr. Joffe, who just so happens to be our pediatrician, worries that texting will become too much of a distraction, if it isn't already.  One dad called us to say that his daughter sent 190 texts  in three hours the other day. You can read more of Dr. Joffe's comments here.  One of the reasons kids can send texts so quickly is because they use lots of shortcuts, and I understand very few of them. Here are some translations, FFR. Look that one up.

Regional transportation officials released their yearly congestion report yesterday. There's good news & bad news. The good news? Traffic delays in the Bay Area were down 12 percent last year.  It's because fewer people have jobs to drive to, and that's the bad news. The most congested Bay Area highway is the I-8O approach to the Bay Bridge....an honor that stretch of highway has held every year since 1981, except for one year. In 1989 the Sunol Grade won the um, honor.

05/28/2009 5:21AM
Fastest thumbs in the West......
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