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Brent Carey

Room Makover


by Room Makeover posted Oct 8 2014 4:37PM
We just rennovated our living room with amazing deals at the Home Consignment Center,
I didn't realize what beautiful jewelery they offer!

Everybody knows Diamonds are a girls Best Friend!  You won't believe the prices, great value on these gems at the Home Consignment Center.

Sapphire much?!  WOW!  Eye popping and pricess are super competitive.  Deals to be had on high end jewelry at the Home Consignment Center!

Furniture and high end Jewelry at the Home Consignment Center near you, Danville, Corte Madera, San Carlos, Mountian View & Campbell

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Location : Danville
by Room Makeover posted Sep 26 2014 2:48PM
Well we did it!  Thank you Home Consignment Center and especially Sonia at their Corte Madera location for helping me transform our living room!
Here's a VIDEO of the room to show off the new pieces!

This high end couch is as comfortable as it looks!  The Microseude is easy to clean and at $899 a bargain!
Do you like the rug?  Now I need a coffee table! lol!

These leather chairs were only $299 at the Home Consignment Center and I'm so glad that I got this rug too!
For great bargains and hard to find pieces to complete your home, check out the Home Consignment Center!
by Room Makeover posted Sep 26 2014 2:48PM
I'm so excited, after spending a wonderful afternoon at the Home Consignment Center with Designer Sonia, I have decided on some beautiful pieces at amazing prices to make over our living room!
First The Couch!!
This Couch is so comfortable! and at only $899! I can't wait to cuddle up with a book by the fire!

Here's the rug we decided on, I think it's going to look great and there are so many colors to work with for new pillows

At $299 each, these Club Chairs will look great!

Sonia offers some great advice on a 2nd rug for this room. I love the colors in this one too, and I think it will look great in our home!

Thank you Sonia and Home Consignment Center for helping with our Room Makeover!
Can't wait to have it delivered, Will share with you soon!
by Room Makeover posted Sep 26 2014 2:46PM
Answer??  Only $1099 at the Home Consigment Center in Corte Madera!
I'm giving our Living Room a makeover, and I kinda fell in love with this couch!  We decided to go lighter to brighten my room because there's a lot of dark wood already and I'd like to find something more...cushy and less masculine.  But this really is an amazing deal.  Here are some other treasures I found.

VIDEO This Coffee Table is so cute for only $129


VIDEO - This Arts & Crafts Chest is an amazing deal!

This Oval table with a marble top could go in like a million places and it's only $169 @HomeConsigmentCenter

These wool rugs come direct from the rug dealer and are clean and beautiful!

Next week I'll share some of the pieces we chose for my Room Makeover!  In the mean time I might stop in again to the Home Consigment Center, they are getting new items every day!!

by Room Makeover posted Aug 25 2014 4:34PM

You’re a completely unique individual, and your personal style is reflected both in the jewelry you wear and the way you decorate your home. Since you’re one-of-a-kind, shouldn’t your personal and home decorations be, too? Home Consignment Center is proud to offer high-quality jewelry, furniture, home décor, and accessories that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for a gift for someone else, you’ll be amazed at the unique items you can find here. Some of our inventory is brand new, but our prices are reduced. If you see something you like but you’re just not sure, don’t worry. Ask us about taking it home for a 24-hour test to make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase.

When you’re looking for quality furniture, jewelry, and more at affordable prices, visit one of Home Consignment Center’s convenient Sacramento-area locations for a look at what we have in store. Contact us at (916) 302-4390 or stop in seven days a week with any questions you have about shopping at our consignment stores.

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by Room Makeover posted Aug 25 2014 4:34PM

Cleaning antique furniture properly helps you maintain its original aesthetic appeal and extend its life. Before you start, you should find out what you are cleaning so you have a better idea of how to do it.

Once you know the materials with which you are working, use a good cotton rag or paper towel and some water mixed with gentle soap to get started. Test out any cleaning products that you plan to use on an inconspicuous area of the furniture to ensure that it does not leave a stain. Get more great tips in this video.

With the amazing selection of furniture at Home Consignment Center, you can find amazing antique pieces for your home. We also sell furniture for you. To learn more about our Yorba Linda location, call (714) 637-1992.

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by Room Makeover posted Jul 22 2014 4:33PM

When decorated correctly, the den is one of the most used rooms in a home. Buy furniture and accessories that help you make this room both stylish and comfortable so you have a place to sit, relax, watch television, and temporarily forget about the stresses of the world. This guide helps you put together a den that meets all of your needs:

Search for Comfortable Seating

Your seating options are the foundation of the den. If you want to create a space that is both functional and comfortable, you have to find the right furniture. While browsing for pieces that you like, you should always sit down and test them out before deciding to purchase anything. If you do not want to stand up from the couch or chair when you try it, you know you have found a winner.

Find an Entertainment Center

Whether you want to watch movies or just listen to music, an entertainment center helps you stock your den with the equipment you need to relax. Make sure an entertainment center has plenty of storage for all of your electronic equipment, movies, and music, and that it fits well inside of the room.

Add Some Unique Designs

Finish up your den with some fabulous accessories that create a particular décor in the room. Decide on a design style and find accessories that help you create it. From artwork to vases, home décor accessories give you some creative freedom that allows you to personalize a space and design it to your exact specifications.

When it comes to home décor, no one does it better than Home Consignment Center. With an amazing selection of consignment furniture and accessories, we give you the design choices you need at a price that fits nicely into your budget. To learn more about our furniture buying and selling services, visit us online or call (925) 272-0067.

by Room Makeover posted Jul 22 2014 4:31PM
Is there a room in your home that feels drab or dull? If so, it’s time to elevate the space with a new design scheme. The first step that you should take is to select pieces with bold colors. This can help lend a curated look to the space. Finding large furniture pieces in bright colors can be especially helpful for creating a room design that wows. It’s also helpful to layer accessories in a variety of colors and textures—throw pillows, blankets, vases, and sculptures are all ideal accessories for adding interest to the room’s design. The final touch that is essential for renewing the space is the lighting. Incorporate a variety of lighting types, including ambient and accent lighting, to enliven the room and highlight its architectural details or your favorite pieces of art.

You can find high-quality consignment furniture and home accessories at Home Consignment Center of Austin. Whether you’re looking for accent tables, barstools, or bedroom sets, we can help you find the perfect option. You can visit our website or call us at (512) 686-4763 to find out more.

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