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Happy Hanukkah! (X18)

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q:  Of all the different ways to spell Hanukkah, one way begins with an...

A:  X

18 different ways to spell it, and here they are:  Xanuka, Hanukkah, Chanukah, Hanukah, Hannukah, Chanuka, Chanukkah, Hanuka, Channukah, Chanukka, Hanukka, Hannuka, Hannukkah, Channuka, Hannukka,  Channukkah, Channukka, and Chanuqa

Hanukkah, however you want to spell it, starts sundown tonight.  Since Kim's family is Jewish we'll celebrate it at our house. I can smell her dynamite latkes now. And since she's a registered dietitian, she's got some handy tips on how to keep the tonnage off during the holidays. Read all about it here on her blog.

This looks like fun. The San Francisco Jewish Festival will present a program of eight short films.  It's called, and I  love the name, The Super 8 Hannukkah Festival. It's tomorrow at the beautiful new Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. You can head over here for more info.

Julie's gonna take the Niles Canyon Railway 2009 Holiday Train of Lights this weekend. It looks like a blast. A 75 minute round-trip ride through Niles Canyon from Sonol to Fremont & you can board at either location. Two words...

Remember, the Bay Bridge repair lane closures start tonight. That's the bad news. The good news is, that a full blown bridge closure won't be necessary for this round. The official Bay Bridge website has the scoop on which lanes will be closed.  While you're at the website, check out some of the video of the new Bay Bridge construction.  Some very cool stuff.

As long as we're on the topic of the bridge-we-love-to-hate-and-can't-live-without, let's untangle the new toll structure on the Bay Bridge, shall we?

In July, tolls will be upped on ALL the Bay Area state bridges. The Bay Bridge, in a nutshell.. 6 dollars during the most congested hours 5-10a, and 3-7p. 4 bucks all other times on weekdays. 5 dollars on weekends. On all other state bridges the toll goes up to 5 dollars.  Carpools lanes, no longer free on ANY of the bridges, will pay two fifty. Drive an 18 wheeler? You'll need a loan. I can see the confusion at the toll plaza now.

Have a fabulous weekend!

12/11/2009 3:19AM
Happy Hanukkah! (X18)
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12/11/2009 5:40AM
Sammy Tam
I hear on the radio about the train ride for x-mas. How do i find that. I could not find it on the blog.
12/14/2009 5:53AM
Jack Kulp
I have the info on my "Jack Kulp" blog. Here it is: http://ncry.org/tol_09.htm
05/16/2010 8:41PM
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