Jack Kulp

Happy Kwanzaa!

Our trivia question this AM:

Q: What year was Kwanzaa first celebrated?

A: 1966, and it's celebrated December 26th until January 1st., and was created by Maulana Karenga, a professor of black studies at California State University at Long Beach. "Kwanzaa" is the Swahili word for "fresh fruits".

Now that Christmas gift giving is over, I guess today's the day that many of those gift cards'll be cashed in.  Little known fact that stores don't consider a gift card a sale until the gift card is redeemed. Bay Area retailers count on the week AFTER Christmas for 16 percent of their Holiday sales.

Glide Church in San Francisco handed out a mountain of food yesterday....again! Volunteers cooked up 500 turkeys, 5,000  dinner rolls, 800 pounds of sweet potatoes, and  scooped close to 200 gallons of ice cream for about 6,000 guests.

Last Christmas our boys, Andrew & Jordan started what's turning out to be a Christmas Morning tradition. Remember when you were a kid, how impossible it was to sleep past, oh say, 4 on Christmas morning? Again this year, our guys had their plan all set up. As soon as they woke up, about 4:30, they text messaged (now a verb!) their pal Max across the street saying the coast was clear. Their buddy headed over to our house, and they all watched movies until 7-7:30. Max left, and Kim and I didn't hear a thing. Not a creature was stirring!  Or so we thought.

I love it!

12/26/2007 1:46PM
Happy Kwanzaa!
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