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Happy birthday to The Rock.

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q: How many men tried to escape from Alcatraz when it was a Federal prison?

A: 36 men in 14 separate escape attempts. 23 were caught, six killed and and two drowned. Five men are officially listed as missing and presumed drowned.

This year is Alcatraz' 75th anniversary, and there will be a party on The Rock on Sunday. At least two ex-prisoners are expected to be there, along with a few ex-guards and family members. The public is invited, but tickets sold out long ago.

The Oakland Police used a taser on a guy at the Coliseum the other night, and there wasn't even a Raiders game going on. Truth be told, the guy was intoxicated & belligerent. 'Don't think the officers had much choice. You're never far from a video camera/cell phone. So here it is:

Remember when I told you about the traffic ticket my wife received back in May (see my May 5th blog). Well, Kim fought it yesterday in court, and had it thrown out. Even the issuing officer, who was there in the courtroom, said that "in the interest of justice" the ticket should be torn up. The judge felt the same way.

Our oldest son, Andrew, who was three when I started on the Morning Show at KOIT, got his learners permit at the DMV yesterday. Sure, I'm a little nervous. But not as nervous as I thought I'd be. He and I did some parking lot driving, and the kid's as responsible as they come. Certainly more responsible than his Dad was at 15 and a half. But wish us luck, anyway. And have a great weekend!

08/07/2009 5:20AM
Happy birthday to The Rock.
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