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Here we go. Another two cents, please

This morning's trivia question on KOIT:

Q:  What year did the United States Postal Service put the Zip Code into effect?

A:  1963, though the USPS didn't really enforce it until 1967. Zip + 4 didn't kick in until 1983. As long as we're on the subject, the cost of mailing a first class letter went up to 44 cents today. And as I said in my previous blog, I believe it's still the bargain of the century. More postal stuff: Did you know that in Italy it's illegal to put shoes in the mail? Do you care? 'Didn't think so. Nor should you.

Fun at the prom: In Sacto Saturday night, a bunch of prom attendees at the Sacramento Grand Ballroom thought it'd be cool to see how many teens could fit in an elevator. They lost count at 24, then the elevator started to move, stop, move, then stop again, where it remained  for about two hours between floors. The fire dept. was finally able to get them out. Next time try the trick in a phone booth. No, wait. There aren't any phone booths anymore.

Our sons like creating their own greeting cards, and Mother's Day was no exception.  I go to Longs. Our kids write their own. Here's what Andrew wrote to my wife Kim, who's about to wrap up her advanced degree in nutrition from SF State in June, which makes us all quite proud:

"Take it easy today! You do so much! No Studying today! Do you hear me? None! No! Bad mommy!

Love, Andrew

p.s. Happy Mother's day!"

Jordan created a card with his drawing of an arm, including a hairy pit and a tattoo bearing the word "Mom" on the front cover, with this inside: "Mother's Day is a great day to celebrate how you became a mother. Thanks so much for giving birth to me, Mom. I know it hurt! But you're hardcore like that!! Love, Jordan."

They have their Mom's sense of humor, and as Martha Stewart would say, that's a good thing..

Yesterday more of our patio furniture cushions came out of storage, and I finally got around to changing the bark that covers our front yard. It had been a couple of years, and it was time. So I went to the hardware store and picked up seven bags of the stuff.  So I get back home, remove the old bark, lay down the new, only to discover I'm about two bags short. So it'll be back to the hardware store tomorrow. My Homer Simpson moment. Hey, Homer's got his face on a new postage stamp, so that's not too shabby.

'See you tomorrow morning at 5.


05/11/2009 3:09PM
Here we go. Another two cents, please
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