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Hey Jack:

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q: The first one of these opened in North Korea this past week. What is it?

A: a pizzeria

We hope they get the pies baked and delivered before dark, 'cuz there isn't much electricity in North Korea. Need proof? Just check out
this night time satellite picture of  the two Koreas..North and South

Goodbye to Stacy's books on Market in SF. Another sad chapter in the saga of Bay Area independent booksellers.  They closed their doors forever after selling their last book yesterday afternoon...at 70 percent off. I loved Stacy's. When KOIT was located at First and Market, hardly a week passed that I didn't visit. I did much of Christmas shopping there.

Are you as burned about these AIG bonuses and I am? Hope so.  At least  I thought was, until Brian Williams broke the numbers down on the news last night. Then I really blew a gasket.  73 AIG employees will get a million each, 22 will get at LEAST 2 million, and one person, who should wear a bag over his/her head, gets 6.4 million. They should all wear bags over their heads. The aim of the bonuses was  "talent retention". Ironically, a bunch of the people getting the "retention" bonuses have already flown the coop WITH the dough.  Mad now?  AIG's chief, Edward Liddy, appears on Capitol Hill today for questioning. Pass the popcorn, please.

'Haven't yet gotten into this season of American Idol yet. How 'bout you? I don't know if I'm burned on it or not. It's still hugely popular, and that fact isn't lost on me. Apparently one of Idol's staffers is running around telling anyone who'll listen, that the team of producers and judges has already picked the final four, despite the fact that there are still eleven people competing. Upper Deck, the trading card company, is launching a line of American Idol trading cards. They'll feature Idol winners, losers, and judges -138 in all.  Trade ya a Hung for an Underwood.

03/18/2009 5:23AM
Hey Jack:
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