Jack Kulp

Hitting the big "B"....

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q: What year did the one-billionth car cross the Golden Gate Bridge?

A: 1985. February 22nd, 1985 to be specific. The toll was 2 dollars on Friday & Saturday, and one dollar other days.

Perry's on Union Street in San Francisco is 40 years old today. So what were the prices like at Perry's when it opened on August 20th, 1969? According to this morning's Chronicle, a 7-ounce hamburger was a buck sixty back then. A bowl of French onion soup would set you back 75 cents..now about seven dollars. The most expensive item on the menu back then was a $4.95 filet mignon. You wash it all down with a fifty cent beer or glass of wine. Willy Brown will be tending bar there tonight and tomorrow. I haven't bee to Perry's since I lived in Pacific Heights about 20 years ago. I wanna go back.

08/20/2009 5:20AM
Hitting the big "B"....
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