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Honey, turn out the tree and come to bed...

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q:  What year were electric lights first used to decorate a Christmas tree?

A:  1882.  Edward Johnson, one of Edison's pals,  used about 80 small light bulbs to decorate a tree in New York.  Electric Christmas lights started to be mass produced in 1890.

As we mentioned on the air this morning, so many people who donated last year to the various Bay Area holiday toy drives are now the ones needing help. The San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program, now going on 60 years old, is calling this year their worst ever.  Donations are down 60 percent, while demand is up 20. Donations to the Mayor's Holiday Toy Drive in Oakland are off by half.  If you donate just ONE toy, that would make an enormous difference.  Here's a partial list of places that'll take  donations:

Fire stations around the Bay Area participate in toy drives. They're looking for unwrapped, new or gently used gifts for children up to age 12. Suggested gifts include stuffed animals, board games, baby toys, puzzles and arts and crafts supplies.

The Coalition on Homelessness is collecting from 9-6  through Dec. 17, 468 Turk St., San Francisco.

The San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program, drop off gifts through Dec. 25 at any city fire station.

The Mayor's Holiday Toy Drive in Oakland:  All fire stations, City Hall, the main library, the Oakland Zoo and other locations.

One, ONE toy would do the trick, if everyone who had the means could contribute.

12/14/2009 5:29AM
Honey, turn out the tree and come to bed...
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02/14/2010 2:51AM
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