KOIT People
Jack Kulp
Weekdays, 5:30am - 10am

Hometown: Swarthmore, PA (just outside Philadelphia)

First concert: Stephen Stills at The Spectrum in Philadelphia

Favorite food: I’m always good for a thin crust pizza. And I do mean always!

Name one tune that’s in "Recently played" on your iPod: "Suddenly I See" – K.T. Tunstall (opening title theme from" The Devil Wears Prada")

Last book read: Tearing Down the Wall of Sound – The Rise & Fall of Phil Spector

Last movie seen: Michael Moore’s "Sicko"

Current hobby: I’m in the process of identifying and digitizing old family photos. There must be thousands, and they go back to my Great Great Grandparents!

Favorite childhood memory about your mother or father: All the great family road trips we took when my sister and I were kids – Niagara Falls, New York, Williamsburg. We were very lucky because it’s quite a long list of destinations. Now that I’m a parent, I nominate MY parents for sainthood for their patience.

What makes you laugh? Humor that’s more "off the wall" or "skewed". I miss Gary Larson. One of my favorite lines comes from comedian Steven Wright, who asked "If you could drive faster than the speed of light, would your headlights work?" Steven Wright? Meet Stephen Hawking.

Cats or dogs? I love OUR cats. I love OTHER people’s dogs.

What celebrity crushes did you have as a teenager? Jaclyn Smith, despite the fact that didn’t think much of "Charlie’s Angels", the show.

Latest accomplishment: I woke up at three this morning. What time did YOU get out of bed?

Why I do what I do: That’s hard to pinpoint because I never imagined doing anything else. I had my own radio heroes growing up in Philadelphia, and worked at a Philly radio station when I was still in High School. The pull into radio started with me at a very early age, 6 or 7. The listener’s a friend of mine.


Charly Kayle

Weekdays, 5:30am - 10am

Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA (Shenandoah Valley of Virginia)

First concert: Olivia Newton-John at the Richmond, VA Colliseum
Favorite food: raw ahi tuna (or Hawaiian pokee), chocolate soufflet paired w/ pinot noir or almond-infused tequila.  

Name one tune that’s in "Recently played" on your iPod: Do I really have to admit I don't have an iPod? I just listen to music on my Droid, through the KOIT app that's free to download.  (No promotional announcement intended.)

Last book read: "Healing" by David Elliott, along with "San Francisco On $30 A Day" (Wow is that outdated.  No wonder it was $1.00.)

Last movie seen: Something at the drive-in, where I get a double feature, bring my own wine, and the dogs sleep in the backseat.

Current hobby: Volunteering w/ animals, wine tasting and micro brew sampling.

Favorite childhood memory about your mother or father: Being taken to Kline's Dairy Bar for frozen custard after a good report card.  I'm easily bribed with food.

What makes you laugh? Dogs singing in commercials and "The Simpsons".

Cats or dogs? BOTH!  Rescues, especially.  

What celebrity crushes did you have as a teenager? Jon Bon Jovi, Eddie Van Halen (certainly not now, though!!)

Latest accomplishment: Being named to the Board of Directors of  'Poppy Foundation Las Vegas', to help abused, abandoned & chronically-ill cats.

Why I do what I do: There's an incredible high when things click, you're connecting with your partner and the listeners, and you find out you were actually able to make a difference in other's lives.


Teri King

Middays: 10am - 3pm

Hometown: Danvers, MA

First concert: The Cars (Candy-O, anyone?) 

Favorite food: Whatever my husband is cooking.

Name one tune that’s in "Recently played" on your iPod: GLEE Soundtrack 

Last book read: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 

Last movie seen: Shrek the Final Chapter 

Current hobby: Are you kidding? I wish I had time to THINK about having a hobby. If I did it would be watercolor painting, something soothing.

Favorite childhood memory about your mother or father: Taking dad to the VIP suite at Fenway Park on Father's Day.

What makes you laugh? When my 6 year old son makes fart noises.

Cats or dogs? My heart belongs to our pug, Rocky

What celebrity crushes did you have as a teenager? David Cassidy, Bobby Orr, David Bowie 

Latest accomplishment: I survived a sleepover with 2 boys in a small San Francisco home.

Why I do what I do: I love music and being on the air and in the studios at KOIT. It's my most relaxing time of the week!


Linda Cassidy

Weekdays, 8pm - 1am
Linda Cassidy

Hometown: Marina, Ca.

First Concert: My very first concert? Don Ho at the Circle Star Theatre in San Carlos. I was nearly 5 years old. Guess the folks couldn’t find a babysitter : )

Favorite food:  Mom’s Hawaiian food

Last book read: “Under A Hoodoo Moon – The Life of the Night Tripper ” – Dr. John w/ Jack Rummel

Last movie seen: “Beasts of the Southern Wild”

Current hobby: I like a nice, long walk outdoors when I can get one.
Favorite childhood memory about your mother or father: I have several but one that stands out was watching them slow-dance at my sister’s wedding. My parents, by the way, have been married over 50 years. They are my favorite love story.

What makes you laugh? My clumsiness!

Cats or dogs? I’m a dog lover, through and through.

What celebrity crushes did you have as a teenager? Shaun Cassidy (sigh) at least we had the same last name.

Latest accomplishment: Not getting distracted by delicious goodies in the break room. Doh! Nevermind.

Why I do what I do:  Just like my co-workers, it’s a passion. We’ve all enjoyed being on the air for years and take great satisfaction in keeping our listeners company throughout the day.  If you, the listener, are happy, we are on cloud nine.


Sue Hall


Hometown:  Mill Valley, CA
First concert:
Glen Campbell, New Jersey Garden State Arts Center
Favorite food:
Margartia Pizza…thinnest crust possible!!
Name one tune that’s in "Recently played" on your iPod:
Stones: Beast of Burden, Kashmire, Led Zep!!
Last book read:
The HELP (again), Keith Richards Autobiography “Life”
Last movie seen:
The Help and Midnight in Paris. Looking forward to “Moneyball”!
Current hobby:
Trying to get a good night’s sleep!(I have to be up @ 3am for my ABC7 TV job)!
Favorite childhood memory about your mother or father:
My dad teaching me to ski @ Homewood, Lake Tahoe at the age of 6!
What makes you laugh?
Anything funny!
Cats or dogs?
What celebrity crushes did you have as a teenager?
Davy Jones (Monkees)! Current crush: Keith Richards!
Latest accomplishment:
Sending our youngest son off to college!
Why I do what I do:
I love my listeners (YOU)! Used to be we got cool perks and free stuff…those days are long gone!! Seriously, I love being a part of the community we call the Bay Area. It’s my home! Plus,  It’s not a real job…it’s my passion.