Jack Kulp

I hate it when that happens.

Marin CO sheriffs were called to George Lucas'  Skywalker Ranch the other day, and they caught an intruder who claimed that she was actually invited to the ranch, telepathically, by Mr. Lucas himself. 'Happens to me all the time. 'Cept I wind up at Trader Joe's for some reason.

Here's this AM's KOIT trivia question before I forget:

Q: It was on this date in 1991 that Ed & Rick Coppage recived a patent for their invention....

A:...the bullet proof dress shirt.  Even a .45 won't crease it.

No joke: a car made out of veggies & chocolate will go 145 mph when it's launched next month. It's actually a race car.  Really.  Steering wheel made of carrots, body made of spuds, and a seat made of soybeans. Runs on chocolate (doesn't say semi-sweet or milk) and vegetable oil. Are we supposed to keep this thing in the garage or the 'fridge?

Last year SF officials decided to cease or reduce street cleaning in about 20 city neighborhoods to save some dough. And they did...saved about a million dollars in the past year. That's the good news. The bad news is that they neglected to take into account the parking tickets that WOULDN'T be written for cars parked in what USED to be street-cleaning-no-parking zones...about 3 million dollar's worth.  Saving a million to lose 3 million.  Several supervisors said a closer look is needed. Ya think?

This is my second day back to work (using that term loosely) after a family vacation in Costa Rica...a fabulous time!. As soon as my family signs off on the idea, I'll be posting photos of our trip here. Our 15 year old will undoubtedly want some kind of fee.  Smart kid.

04/23/2009 5:19AM
I hate it when that happens.
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