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If The Biebs Robbed You, Would You Talk About It?

by Mike Stanz posted Aug 27 2014 5:00AM
TMZ is reporting that Justin Bieber could be in trouble with police again.

On Monday night, he and Selena Gomez were at a Dave& Buster’s. A guy termed a fan whipped out his cell phone to take pictures and videos of The Biebs and his gal pal.

Justin didn’t like that much, and he allegedly lunged at the guy and tried to grab his phone.

The Biebs’ crack security detail held him back, but the fan wants to press charges. Maybe for attempted battery, maybe for attempted robbery.

This could end up being a problem for Justin, since he’s currently on probation.

It will definitely be a problem for this fan. Seriously, do you want to forever be known as the guy who almost got mugged by Justin Bieber?

And at Dave & Buster’s, for goodness sake?

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08/26/2014 8:03PM
If The Biebs Robbed You, Would You Talk About It?
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08/28/2014 5:09AM
I think Justin love's being portrayed as a bad a** in the public eyes. But in reality he probably was getting his lunch money took'n in Canada. Real bad a** people stay under the radar. Beiber always doing too much.
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