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by Jack Kulp posted Apr 17 2015 6:25PM
Saw this at Sunday brunch about a week ago. You'd need to be pretty greased up on bloody Mary's at Sunday brunch to come up with almost 5k. Clever idea, though. By the way, the restaurant is Jack's in Pleasant Hill. Whatever you do, have a great weekend. You deserve it!
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by Jack Kulp posted Apr 10 2015 9:09PM
....a shout out to my "big sister" Sue. She's fantastic in so so many ways. I'm also wondering why our Mom dressed me that way. And yes. I eventually grew into those ears. Have a great weekend. You deserve it!
by Jack Kulp posted Apr 9 2015 9:52PM
....we want to keep out veggies growing. We'll keep the lettuce and tomatoes that Kim planted a couple of weeks ago on a growing course, along with our lemon tree. Everything else? Water off, including our lawn.
by Jack Kulp posted Apr 8 2015 4:27PM
An older couple I saw at one of our local eateries a few days ago. While they could have chosen to sit across from each other, they wished to keep it cozy. It's nice seeing couples, especially couples that are getting on in years, keeping their romance alive.
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by Jack Kulp posted Apr 7 2015 6:15PM

Charly & I had a GREAT time at the A's home opener last night, and the A's won it against the Rangers 8-0 . Left to right Rickey Henderson, Charly, Dennis Eckersley, me, and Rollie Fingers. Of the five, three are among the greatest to have ever played the game. Two are not.

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by Jack Kulp posted Apr 6 2015 9:20PM
This is still tacked to my A's cap after all these years. No. Not a 50 dollar parking pass stub. It's my stub from the fourth game of the 1990 World Series. And, no, your eyes aren't deceiving you. That's fifty bucks, FIFTY BUCKS, for a field level box seat. Yep. I was there when the Reds took game four from the A's to sweep the Series (sigh). I would have paid a lot more, maybe 70 bucks, for it to go the other way.
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by Jack Kulp posted Apr 3 2015 8:52PM
This is how we get our eggs from our neighbor Griffin and his hens, Griffin's Girls, and they couldn't be any fresher. Delish! The eggs, that is. Lots going on this weekend with Easter on Sunday & Passover ending sundown Saturday night. I hope you get the chance to enjoy some time with the people closest to you, and have some fun! So, happy Easter, Pesach sameach, and have a wonderful weekend. You deserve it!
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by Jack Kulp posted Apr 2 2015 9:52PM
Remember when there was only one variety of Oreos? I never ate 'em, because I was always a Hydrox fan. I went to the grocery store today, and toothpaste was on the list. There were, no kidding, 20 different varieties of the same toothpaste brand from which to choose. No wonder the supermarkets have a tough time finding shelf space for everything. I'm sticking with jojo's cookies from Trader Joes. My fave.
by Jack Kulp posted Apr 1 2015 7:14PM
I like the first of April. But I was never a fan of the "pull the chair out from under someone" April Fools type gags. Partly because someone could get hurt, it's not very creative, and I was usually the victim of said prank when I was a kid. Now, thanks to the tech industry, there are some pretty innovative spoofs. Thumbs up for Google putting a layer over their maps app so you can play Pac-Man with the characters running up and down the street where you live. And Microsoft's announcement today that they're releasing MS Dos (remember that?) for your smart phone. April Fool's Gold. What I like about April Fool's Day? Baseball season is just days away. And that's no joke. Yes. That's me in the photo. I grew into my ears.
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by Jack Kulp posted Mar 31 2015 8:16PM
.....even though our youngest son (pictured) has been out of it for about 11 years now.  We had a girl on the team too..a long overdue breakthrough at the time  which made the game even more special. We have a couple of ball fields near the house, and watching them play is still a treat. So what if they run from first to third, and skip second? It really doesn't  matter does it?
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