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by Jack Kulp posted Sep 9 2014 8:56PM
Our sons do their own laundry. But every once in a while I have to throw their stuff in the dryer. But no worries. This was a profitable day for Jack.
by Jack Kulp posted Sep 8 2014 8:47PM
You're my fave. You always will be. But after 86 years, can't you get this right?
by Jack Kulp posted Sep 5 2014 6:37PM
THAT'S what it's like to see our two sons eat at dinner time. And what kills me is that they don't gain a pound. Our biggest food expense? Cereal.
by Jack Kulp posted Sep 3 2014 8:26PM
How our son, quite the guitar player, takes a breather. I'd talk on the the (dial) phone.
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by Jack Kulp posted Sep 1 2014 9:19PM
We saw it over the holiday weekend. It was shot over 12 years, and it was amazing!
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by Jack Kulp posted Aug 28 2014 5:51PM
Our grocery store in town decided to remodel. Everything in a different place, all to improve my "shopping experience". It turned a quick 30 miniute shopping trip to into an hour long extravaganza.
by Jack Kulp posted Aug 27 2014 8:44PM
When shopping for an area rug, make sure it matches the rug your cat's wearing.
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by Jack Kulp posted Aug 25 2014 2:59PM
I know, because I'm one of them. Sometimes I'll start a conversation with others in the cat food aisle. Sure, we complain about how we jump through hoops for the critters. We complain about how one week our pets just LOVE the food we dish out, and then won't touch it the next. The real hardcore cat nerds are the ones that keep track of their cat's birthday. Well, our Ollie (pictured) turns 11 on Tuesday. What kind of neurotic cat nut would keep track of that?
by Jack Kulp posted Aug 21 2014 10:27PM
Mine? Not so good. I try to drive under the speed limit anyway..just to be on the safe side.
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by Jack Kulp posted Aug 18 2014 6:22PM
...but I'm feeling pretty nostalgic about back to school this year. You see, this is our last one. Our boys (pictured) are starting their senior years in high school and college. I know most parents are tearing their hair out right now, rushing around to prep their kids for back to school, if they're not back already. Truth be told, my wife Kim does the lion's share of getting our boys ready, so I can afford the luxury of being nostalgic, and I'm eternally grateful to her. Cliche alert: the time's gone by too quickly. Enjoy every second.
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