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by Jack Kulp posted Mar 27 2015 9:47PM
That's the wisteria blooming in our front yard. I just love it! The only problem is, when the wisteria begins to bloom, it reminds me to start taking my allergy med. The stuff flies right up my nose when the blooms begin. Small sacrifice to make for something so beautiful. And the bees like it too. Very important for their work. Have a great weekend. You deserve it!
by Jack Kulp posted Mar 26 2015 6:28PM
... and I distinctly remember taking this photo after a busy day at Disneyland back in 1999. That's the great thing about digital photos. I look at pics all the time now because they're so easy to access, as opposed to searching the garage for those shoeboxes of snaps. Yep, these are our guys. One heading off to college this Fall, and the other finishing college in June. Where did the time go? There's no answer to that question. Just enjoy the ride.
by Jack Kulp posted Mar 25 2015 7:13PM
With our oldest son home from college, and our high school senior hungry from swim practice, we needed to prep lots of food tonight. Green beans & golden baby spuds. The menu included thin cut pork chops. We LOVE them! Kim bought them from Trader Joe's, and they cook really fast...on medium heat 2-3 min per side....max. I don't even leave the grill after I put them on. And Kim's marinade, with her secret ingredient...............................cinnamon! Delish!
by Jack Kulp posted Mar 24 2015 4:47PM
Wouldn't you agree, that if bills arrive in the mail in this condition, you shouldn't have to pay them? I thought you would.wink
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by Jack Kulp posted Mar 23 2015 5:18PM
...but I don't drive a Bentley like this person. I'm guessing he/she likes REALLY expensive java. I like just about any coffee, as long as caffeine is involved.
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by Jack Kulp posted Mar 20 2015 6:25PM
....for remodeling. Especially kitchens. I was at our son's swim meet this afternoon, and chatted with TWO people who are getting their kitchens redone. We did ours about a year and a half ago, and we were very lucky. Our contractor was on site every day, and was so helpful. The photo you see is the start of our demolition. So Kim cooked in the dining room for a few months using a hot plate and crock pot. We used paper plates and plastic utensils when we could. When we couldn't , I hosed down the pots & pans in the back yard, then moved to the sink of our guest bathroom. The one with the tiny sink. The fourth best day of my life, after our wedding day and the birth of our two sons, was the day the dishwasher was reinstalled.
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by Jack Kulp posted Mar 19 2015 7:31PM
Our oldest son comes home from UC Davis this weekend for a bit of a break, and we can't wait to see him. I think his younger brother will probably be happiest to see him though. As the photo shows, not only are they brothers, but great friends too. Not all families can say that.
by Jack Kulp posted Mar 17 2015 11:31PM
My friend Carlos Cordonero creates these amazing sketeches, and you'll be seeing lots of these during the upcoming season. He sketches them with such ease, and he seems to crank them out 2 or 3 a day! Beautiful Carlos!
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by Jack Kulp posted Mar 16 2015 5:37PM
Kim and I headed to Half Moon Bay this past weekend for a quick overnight trip, and the weather (80s) couldn't have been more perfect. Kim came up with the bright idea (as usual) to make 6:15 dinner rezzies at Sam's Chowder House on Rt. 1, and her timing (as usual) was right on the money. We hit the sunset spot-on, and this was the view from our outside table. Kim had the clams, and I had the cod..both excellent. The view, as they say in the ad, priceless.
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by Jack Kulp posted Mar 13 2015 5:25PM
If you had a bad day, or even a bad week, you're not alone. Take a look at this clip. You'll see that someone had a worse day than you, and your day won't seem so bad after all. Have an excellent weekend!
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by Jack Kulp posted Mar 12 2015 6:49PM
The grilling kind, I mean. 80 degrees in some parts of the Bay Area. That's what's so great about living here. You can grill ANY time of year...and we DO. Salmon smoked on a cedar plank is one of our faves, rotisserie chicken, flank steak marinated for about a day. I even love the old standbys....burgers and dogs. How about you? What'll be on your grill this weekend? Have a great one. You deserve it!
by Jack Kulp posted Mar 11 2015 9:46PM
It's the book you read to your kids countless times at night, as we did. When our boys were born we were given several copies, so I'm sure we still have one around the house. Pictured is a version Kim and I saw at a book store in St Helena last weekend, and a far cry from Margaret Wise Brown's original written in 1947.
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by Jack Kulp posted Mar 10 2015 7:06PM
It was so gorgeous last weekend, Kim and I took a trip up to St. Helena on Saturday. Did a little wine tasting. Well, I tasted ONE. Here's a sign we saw for a cafe on Main Street. What are they trying to say? Binge drinkers keep on walking? We kept on walking, and headed to Woodhouse Chocolates. Have you ever tried them? Unbelievable!
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by Jack Kulp posted Mar 9 2015 9:12PM
Yep. It was trip to the doc for our cat Ollie today. He's been losing weight, been kinda lethargic, and not eating very much. So the vet flea proofed, de-wormed, and suggested some higher calorie food. She did the samefor Ollie. We'll see where it goes. Stay tuned, and get better Ollie.
by Jack Kulp posted Mar 5 2015 8:57PM
......and besides being the love of my life, she's also the reason I don't weigh fifteen pounds more than I do now. She also happens to be mother of our two sons. Kim's a registered clinical dietitian with a private practice in the Bay Area. She makes sure our family eats the right stuff, whether we like it or not .The fact is, we DO like it. She's not into denying us the foods we love. She's all about balance...enjoying the food we really love, and balancing those foods with what we need to keep healthy. More often than not they're one in the same. I know I'm biased, but she really knows her stuff. March is National Nutrition Month, so Kim will be my guest this Sunday morning on Listen Up Bay Area on KOIT . She'll discuss fad diets, pro and prebiotics, the latest findings about good and bad cholesterol, supplements, and something close to her heart, the difference between a registered dietitian and a nutritionist (huge!) It's Listen Up Bay Area on 95.5 KOIT at 7:15 PDT Sunday morning. (Don't forget to move your clocks UP an hour before you go to bed Saturday night.) Listen Up Bay Area right after Today's World with Brent Carey Sunday morning on 96.5 KOIT.
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by Jack Kulp posted Mar 4 2015 9:15PM
....but, when I watch TV at night, I'm most comfortable in the Spongebob jammy bottoms our son gave me for Christmas about 7 years ago. Now that our guys are grown, I miss the TV time we used to spend together.  But Spongebob will live forever, and I don't think Ollie the cat will mind.
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by Jack Kulp posted Mar 3 2015 8:33PM
When's the perfect time to have a plumbing problem in the kitchen? When it's time to get dinner ready, of course! And that's exactly what happened to us tonight. I tried to fix it, but I think I made it worse. The plumber comes tomorrow afternoon. Wi$h u$ luck.
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by Jack Kulp posted Mar 2 2015 8:39PM
....chocolate infused red wine? I'm in.....for a case.
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