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Jack Kulp

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by Jack Kulp posted Nov 20 2014 8:44PM
....but it was always San Francisco. I remember when I first encountered the Brown sisters about 25 years ago. It was in Chinatown I think.....or North Beach. No. maybe it was Nob Hill. I guess where I bumped into them isn't the point, because they were all over The City. Know what? They couldn't have been sweeter. They took the time to chat, even complimented me on what I was wearing. They were as much a part of the fabric of San Francisco as Coit Tower, Herb Caen, Fisherman's Wharf, and Beach Blanket Babylon. They always dressed identically. That was their schtick . Vivian died about a year ago, and Marian, the younger of the two, died this afternoon. She was 87. They held San Francisco in the palms of their hands.
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Location : ChinatownSan Francisco
People : Herb CaenVivian
by Jack Kulp posted Nov 17 2014 4:43PM
Nah. Kidding! It's more like a shot in the arm for Time.
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Topics : Law_CrimeSports
by Jack Kulp posted Nov 12 2014 8:40PM
Dungeness crab season starts on Saturday, so you SHOULD start to see some crab at the docks by Sunday or Monday. Can't wait!
by Jack Kulp posted Nov 11 2014 6:59PM
Lieutenant John C. Kulp, United States Navy. He served in the Atlantic during World War II, and he's still my favorite vet. Always will be. He's 91 and still going strong. My Uncle, who I visited a couple of weeks ago, is 94 and fought the Battle of the Bulge as an Army infantryman, fighting back the Nazi counteroffensive after D-Day. Know what? These guys NEVER want to talk about what they accomplished. In their eyes it was just "another day's work". Unbelievable. And as we acknowledge our vets, let's not forget all the women who served, and still serve. I'm the first to tear up at the sight of a mom coming home from deployment and seeing her children for the first time in over a year. Thank you all so much.
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Topics : War_Conflict
People : John C. Kulp
by Jack Kulp posted Nov 10 2014 9:43PM the Bay Area. My wife Kim & I hiked the hills above Novato. Spectacular!
by Jack Kulp posted Nov 9 2014 10:24AM
Check out "The Judge" with Robert Downey, Jr. & Robert Duvall. Both men out-do themselves in the acting dept. We saw it last night, and loved it. If you want to see it, don't wait too long. I don't think it'll be in theaters much longer.
by Jack Kulp posted Nov 6 2014 8:45PM make the morning easier to take. Ollie & Schmutz
by Jack Kulp posted Nov 4 2014 4:44PM
My wife was thrilled to hear that our precinct moved from one of our local elementary schools to a nearby fire house...with firemen...lots and lots of firemen.
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by Jack Kulp posted Nov 3 2014 6:27PM
....and will for quite a while. In fact I don't remember wearing long pants around the house at all last year. I'm a great believer in the endless summer. It's always 80 somewhere! Our cat Ollie agrees.
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Topics : Human Interest
by Jack Kulp posted Oct 30 2014 7:02PM
Mine's "Nosferatu"..the precursor to Dracula. What I like about it, and what makes it even MORE scary, is that it's a SILENT movie. It was produced in 1922. I watch it every year around this time, and it STILL gives me the chills. The best part is you can watch it for free on YouTube. Click here, and you'll go right to the movie. So, turn off the lights, fire up your laptop or internet enabled TV, and prepare to be freaked. 
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