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Thanks for stopping by my page. Wake up weekdays with Charly & I for the most music and Bay Area trending info. Shoot us an email and let us know where you’re listening!

by Jack Kulp posted Mar 3 2015 8:33PM
When's the perfect time to have a plumbing problem in the kitchen? When it's time to get dinner ready, of course! And that's exactly what happened to us tonight. I tried to fix it, but I think I made it worse. The plumber comes tomorrow afternoon. Wi$h u$ luck.
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by Jack Kulp posted Mar 2 2015 8:39PM
....chocolate infused red wine? I'm in.....for a case.
by Jack Kulp posted Feb 27 2015 5:00PM
....when you can surf with the dolphins? Watch this video & have a great weekend. You deserve it!
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by Jack Kulp posted Feb 26 2015 9:24PM
....when all you can see is snow. Someone in Boston, fed up with the snow no doubt, decided to take advantage of the vast canvas that's been dumped in the area over the last couple of months.
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by Jack Kulp posted Feb 25 2015 8:56PM
By FAR my favorite snack food is cheddar popcorn. No contest. For me potato chips, and then Doritos... I love 'em all. But give me a bag of cheddar popcorn, and I'm a VERY happy camper. What about you?
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by Jack Kulp posted Feb 24 2015 5:16PM
Game of Thrones + Bloopers = Fun, especially if you can read lips. Check out the video.
by Jack Kulp posted Feb 23 2015 10:05PM
....but we had our first high school swim team parents' meeting tonight. If you're a parent, you know you're being called on more and more to help out with whatever extracurricular activity your kid might be a part of, and it's much more than, drama, debate. Things don't wrap up until pretty late at night, as it did tonight. But you and I will look back on these days and say, "what a blast". Time couldn't have been better spent. By the way, that's a photo of our boys from about 15 years ago.
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by Jack Kulp posted Feb 19 2015 8:39PM
...and these are our faves.  We've had them under our roof for over 24 hours and they haven't even been opened yet. Just let me get this blog posted, and I'll polish off most of those do-si-dos in a heartbeat. Bet on it.
by Jack Kulp posted Feb 18 2015 8:55PM
We were in San Diego this past weekend checking out San Diego State for our high school senior. We took a side trip to La Jolla cove, and encountered a spring of seals - that's what you call a group of them - perfectly happy hanging out with the restof us.
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Location : San Diego
by Jack Kulp posted Feb 13 2015 5:54PM
A busy day today at Recchiuti Confections in SF's Ferry Building, and it's obvious lots of people had the same idea. These chocolates are among the best I've ever had, and they're beautiful. A bit pricey, and I'm a bit cheap, but giveyourself a treat and try them sometime. Happy Valetine's Day, and have a wonderful loooooong holiday weekend. You deserve it!
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