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by Jack Kulp posted Jul 25 2014 4:44PM
Or is Hello Kitty suddenly big with executive types? Well, there's still plenty of summer left, so enjoy. And have a great weekend!
by Jack Kulp posted Jul 23 2014 6:25PM
....at 3rd and Howard in SF looking toward fourth, and the Interconinental Hotel. Who could stop traffic like that? Only the President.
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by Jack Kulp posted Jul 21 2014 4:37PM
I think you and I will be surpised at how soon they'll be on the road. But here's a question. One of many. If two or more driverless cars get involved in an accident, who's responsible?
by Jack Kulp posted Jul 18 2014 7:05PM
...this is my story, and I'm stickin' to it. Happy Friday everyone. Have a great weekend! Oh, by the way. That's our cat Ollie's rump in the pic.
by Jack Kulp posted Jul 17 2014 6:33PM
Though not a real fan of disaster flix, I thought Towering Inferno was a pretty good one. Great cast, and much of it shot on San Francisco. The B of A building on California was used for the exterior shots.
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Location : CaliforniaSan Francisco
by Jack Kulp posted Jul 16 2014 8:56PM
Did you know that Roy Scheider, as Chief Brody, ad libbed that line on the Jaws set? Director Steven Spielberg LOVED it, and kept it in the final cut of the film. This month marks the 40th anniversary of the publication of Peter Benchley's novel. A year later Spielberg's film hit theaters, and chased everyone off the beaches. I've probably seen the movie ten times.
by Jack Kulp posted Jul 15 2014 9:48PM
Mine's "Last Week Tonight" with John Oliver. Funny & current.
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People : John Oliver
by Jack Kulp posted Jul 14 2014 6:25PM
...is visit the local farmer's markets. Here's a shot of some of the fruit we picked up on our last trip a couple of weeks ago. I labeled a few of the more unusual fruits. The rambutan is super sweet, has a jelly like texture, and looks like it was stolen from the Stat Trek set.
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Location : Hawaii
by Jack Kulp posted Jul 11 2014 6:24PM
..but one night this week we forgot. Meet Rocky, our neighborhood raccoon, who decided he was going to help himself to the leftovers. Have a great weekend!
by Jack Kulp posted Jul 10 2014 5:20PM
When I was at the store today, I went to the toothpaste section to pick up a tube. There were thirteen, THIRTEEN different varieties of the SAME brand! I counted them. I would have been happy with five or six.
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by Jack Kulp posted Jul 9 2014 9:50PM
In fact, it was the worst July 4th weekend tally since the 1980's, according to Hollywood big shots. We went to see Tammy over the weekend. I read the reviews before we went, and they were luke warm at best. Now, the fact that I sometimes fall asleep in movie theaters is the world's worst kept secret. But about 30 minuites into Tammy, I leaned over to our son and told him not to wake me up unless I'm snorring. I'm a huge Melissa McCarthy fan, but she couldn't carry this one. On the other hand, don't miss The Chef..in my opinion,one of the best this spring/summer. Try to catch it because it won't be in theaters much longer. GREAT cast too!
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People : Melissa McCarthy
by Jack Kulp posted Jul 8 2014 1:18PM
One will be high school senior, the other a college senior. At dinner last night I watched them eat. Amazing. Ever see a wood chipper in operation? Then you know what it looks like when they eat.
by Jack Kulp posted Jul 7 2014 7:06PM
Yeah, I do. My mistake was shopping for my size (10.5, VERY common) this past weekend. I checked three stores, and all soled (pun intended) out. I learned my lesson. Never shop for shoes on the weekend.
by Jack Kulp posted Jul 6 2014 12:18PM
A sign we saw outside a pizza place in Hanalei, HI. If you look closely, you can see the image of my wife, Kim, in the reflection. The pizza was pretty good too, and we did wear shoes and shirts.
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Location : HanaleiHawaii
People : Kim
by Jack Kulp posted Jul 2 2014 2:52PM
...in the wilds of Kauai. On a recent trip to the north shore of the Garden Iland, our sons discovered an ancient shrine to the gods of Hawaiian Telcom.
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