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by Jack Kulp posted Jan 30 2015 8:28PM
Right in our back yard. Famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Marin County Civic Center, and today it was  nominated for the World Heritage List of the most significant cultural and natural sites on the planet. Did ya hear that? The Planet!
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by Jack Kulp posted Jan 29 2015 8:19PM
Believe it or not, I actually remember when this pic was taken. I'm guessing I was 5, 6 maybe? I look back and recall that set of  Groucho  glasses was among my most  prized possessions at the time, and I kind of left it at that. But my parents, both with abundant senses of humor,  thought it'd be cool for me to get into one of those photo booths, and voila! A memory was made. I'm sure my sister had a hand in it too. I know I'm biased, but both of our sons are very funny. I mean belly-laugh funny.  And I'm happy to say that  it's a blessing that can be traced all the way back to their grandparents. And by the way. Those ears are real.
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by Jack Kulp posted Jan 28 2015 8:57PM
Remember those lines from Steve Martin in "The Jerk"? Well, our new phone book arrived today, and I ran over it this afternoon in the driveway when I got home from work, as I do every year. I'm not as enthusiastic about the arrival as Martin was. With all the Internet options at our disposal, I can't remember the last time I used a phone book. You?
by Jack Kulp posted Jan 27 2015 9:01PM
Our youngest son, Jordan (pictured upper left)  plays guitar in a reggae band , Ridgway Space Station, and they're doing pretty well! Jordan's a high school senior, and he's known some of these guys since sixth grade so they're all pretty comfortable together.  Jordan, and clockwise Forrest, Keelan, Jack & Erik. I know I'm biased, but they're really good musicians, and put themselves through a lot of rehearsals. Tuesday's  Marin Independent Journal printed a feature about the band, written by the great music/arts writer Paul Liberatore.  You can check out the article here, and see them perform. Take a look at their Facebook page at, follow them on Twitter  @RidgewaytheBand, and maybe I'll see you at their next gig.  As proud parents, Kim and I go to all of them. Sometimes parents of the band get in free!
(photo: Annie Spiegelman)
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by Jack Kulp posted Jan 26 2015 8:28PM
And after Nick Nolte's mug shot staring back at me in the mirror, this is one of the first things I see.  And we're talking before 3am. Trust me. I do my fair share of stupid stuff over the course of the day. Ask anyone I work/live with. They'll tell you. And anyone who denies it is lying. I can't imagine how much worse it would be without my jolt of java waiting for me when I roll out of the hay. I'd hate to think that it makes me an addict. If so, I have the feeling I have lots of company. How 'bout you?
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by Jack Kulp posted Jan 23 2015 9:30PM
Taking a dip in our cats' water on our back deck. It's an early mating season for the critters. Skunks too.
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by Jack Kulp posted Jan 22 2015 7:44PM
You bet! Temps at Bay Area beaches will be in the 70s this weekend. But be careful. The National Weather Service has issued a sneaker wave warning that stretches from the Sonoma to the Monterey coasts. 10-15 footers. This is a shot of our son skim boarding at Stinson last October. Use caution, but have a blast this weekend!
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by Jack Kulp posted Jan 21 2015 7:25PM
It's strawberry season again!  What I like about it, is that there are only a few months a year that it's NOT the season for strawberries. Kim picked these up at our local farmers market this past weekend. The favorite part of my 3am.
by Jack Kulp posted Jan 20 2015 8:13PM
....was shot day at our veterinarian. ......rabies for Ollie, and Jack Daniels for daddy. We love our vet.
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by Jack Kulp posted Jan 16 2015 7:03PM
...they give you when you buy booze at the grocery store, and they don't bother to card you. They think I'm either really old, or not even born yet.
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