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Charly Kayle

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Hi it’s Charly, welcome to my page. When I’m not hanging with my five furry family members, I’m volunteering with animals, enjoying a Bay Area microbrew or vineyard, and I’m here, interacting with you!

Left My Phone At Work....

by Charly Kayle posted Aug 13 2014 5:25PM
... which means I can't take any pictures and post them to this blog.  
Pictured: happier days in the past, when I was editing selfies of me with Sue Hall, on the same phone, in the same studio where I left it behind today.  

I was charging my phone in the KOIT studio this morning, and forgot it.  I feel like I have one hand tied behnd my back, not being able to check for texts, take pictures, send pictures, edit pictures.... wow I really depend on my phone for pictures!  

There's my phone with it's extra case!  It had better still be there tomorrow.  
Looks like I won't have my back-up alarms in the morning.  And I swear I keep hearing it buzz on "vibrate".  What the heck is buzzing in my house, if it's not my phone?!   
The dryer, maybe?  Gotta go and check!
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08/13/2014 5:06PM
Left My Phone At Work....
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