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How are ya? It’s Linda Cassidy. Wrap up your workday with me every night with great stress-free music on KOIT. I can’t thank you enough for making my show one of the most-listened-to programs in the Bay Area!

by Charly Kayle posted Aug 28 2014 11:18AM
While this sign is probably photoshopped, it also has a ring of truth for both genders.
We've all seen the pictures on Facebook that burn our eyes & we can't "unsee" them.
You know the ones, like this of the man at the beach in only a...
*** image removed due to extreme ickk factor ***
Or this pic of the woman walking down the street wearing...
*** content destroyed because... blechh ***

So yes, this "real-or-not" sign has the right idea!
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by Charly Kayle posted Aug 27 2014 10:55AM
Went into the back of the refrigerator & look what I found. Expiration date 9/1/04.
Should I try it anyway?

See, it even says, "Longer Shelf Life"....

I'm game for this experiment. I'll update this blog with results.
(If I never post again, then you'll know it wasn't such a great idea....)

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by Charly Kayle posted Aug 20 2014 9:00AM
* BE CAREFUL * with your dog - or cat - on an escalator!
The San Francisco SPCA has been seeing a large increase in escalator-related injuries, especially with small dogs. It is PAINFUL, not to mention very, very expensive, with a long recovery time.

Pick up & hold small dogs when going down an escalator.
For large dogs, use the steps or an elevator if possible.
If not possible, WATCH THEIR FEET & FUR to make sure they don't get caught. You can even put booties on large paws, but make sure they can walk in them normally before attempting them on an escalator.

Yes, that's Ryan Gosling at LAX, holding his dog, George, because the sign said, "No dogs on escalator." Pic courtesy Her Dog Blog

* For a more graphic description of what can go wrong, read this article in
The SF Examiner . *
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by Charly Kayle posted Aug 5 2014 11:27AM
Yup, "Fist Candy". (Sometimes names get lost in translation.)
Packing some Green Tea candy for my long road trip. It better keep me awake!

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