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How are ya? It’s Linda Cassidy. Wrap up your workday with me every night with great stress-free music on KOIT. I can’t thank you enough for making my show one of the most-listened-to programs in the Bay Area!

by Charly Kayle posted Jan 9 2015 8:00PM
This beautiful colorization of my picture of Gus & Sasha was sent to me by a woman I just met today on Facebook, after she read my story "How I Aged 100 Years In Only One", about my own healing process after the death last year of my fiance.

Many layers of interpretation to appreciate.

I see pieces of the Cosmos weaving in and out of each other, creating an illusion that lasts a lifetime.... or only a fleeting second in the time-frame of the Universe.
I see the positive aspects of a former reality bleeding into the present,
leaving it's energetic imprint as an impetus to create more good things in life.


Thank you to Heather Jane Wyatt for the lovely gifts your Photo Art gave me.
Original below courtesy Charly Kayle.

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