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Jack Kulp

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by Jack Kulp posted Sep 30 2014 4:06PM
.......but it almost happened.  I used to, well, poke fun at people who polished off a whole carton of ice cream in one sitting. Last night I had a craving for it...not a carton..not even a BOWL full. Just one spoonful should do it. It didn't. Before I knew it the spoon was about to hit the bottom of the box, so I stopped. It was a lot easier to get sucked in than I thought. Lesson learned. ...maybe.
by Jack Kulp posted Sep 29 2014 6:20PM
The critics have been, um, lukewarm with "This Is Where I Leave You". Kim and I went to see it this past weekend and LOVED it. One local critic bemoaned the fact that the family the film centers on didn't display the quirks and humor of a "typical" Jewish family. Well maybe that's because, and this was revealed very early in the film, that nobody in the family is Jewish. Go figure, and go see it.
by Jack Kulp posted Sep 26 2014 9:31PM
Actually, there was a DOUBLE rainbow, but the second one didn't show up very well in the photo. I think it's going to be a good weekend. have a great one!
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by Jack Kulp posted Sep 24 2014 8:56PM
Happy New Year from all of us at KOIT. Celebrate!
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People : Shana Tova
by Jack Kulp posted Sep 18 2014 7:26PM
....The King fire from space. Parts of Highway 50 still closed.
by Jack Kulp posted Sep 17 2014 9:41PM come the rain clouds. Thank you hurricane Odile. No. seriously Thanks Odile!
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by Jack Kulp posted Sep 16 2014 8:44PM
I'd say when it's pumpkin'd and spiced.
by Jack Kulp posted Sep 15 2014 9:56PM
...and I almost bought some. We don't even HAVE a dog. Isn't it amazing what we do for our critters? I went through the checkout with 12 cans of cat food. The clerk said 'wow, that's a lot of cat food". I said "I know. I shouldn't shop when I'm hungry."
by Jack Kulp posted Sep 9 2014 8:56PM
Our sons do their own laundry. But every once in a while I have to throw their stuff in the dryer. But no worries. This was a profitable day for Jack.
by Jack Kulp posted Sep 8 2014 8:47PM
You're my fave. You always will be. But after 86 years, can't you get this right?
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