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by Jack Kulp posted Jun 11 2015 4:40PM
I was invited to Miss K's beginning drama class at San Marin High in Novato a couple of weeks ago (I think it was my fourth or fifth time) to talk about my job at KOIT, and my past experiences in broadcasting. After I wrapped up, I opened things up to their questions. Let me tell you something. They asked some of the best, most insightful questions I've ever encountered. In fact I couldn't get to all of them before the bell, OK buzzer, sounded to end the class. Thanks for the hospitality Miss K, and thanks to the students for making me feel so welcomed.

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by Jack Kulp posted Jun 10 2015 6:19PM
And you'll see how that simple act is returned many times over. Enjoy!

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by Jack Kulp posted Jun 9 2015 6:07PM
Steven Turner had a surprise waiting for him at his high school graduation...his mom, Petty Officer Vera Turner, back from a nine month deployment at Guantanamo Bay. Pass the tissues please.

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by Jack Kulp posted Jun 8 2015 5:08PM
.......and you don't even need to speak the language. By the way, the dog in the photo is Koko...the Cocker Spaniel we had when I was a kid. We REALLY loved that dog. Smile!

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by Jack Kulp posted Jun 5 2015 9:47PM
And who wouldn't? The more the merrier! Enough room for a couple of people and a basketball. But around here, that's all you need! Nice!

Photo: Seig Damazyn & Smart USA
by Jack Kulp posted Jun 4 2015 7:35PM
It's here. Bayfront Park on Old Bayshore Highway in Millbrae. I had some free time on the Peninsula earlier this week, and shot some video. I'm always amazed that those things can get off the ground.

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by Jack Kulp posted Jun 3 2015 5:38PM
Here's a small collection of snippets from commencement speeches over the last few weeks. Some pretty poignant words spoken by people you wouldn't expect. We'll have two graduations in our house in 10 days, so this really hits home.

by Jack Kulp posted Jun 2 2015 5:23PM
TWO baby goats playing in pajamas. Enjoy!

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by Jack Kulp posted Jun 1 2015 8:36PM
More from our trip to New Orleans a few weeks ago. We saw these for rent signs all over the French Quarter.
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Location : New Orleans
by Jack Kulp posted May 29 2015 3:45PM
It's a swamp hog we came across a bayou tour we took on our visit to New Orleans a couple of weeks ago. She seemed pretty tame...BOLD, even.  You can see her babies in the background. If you ever visit Louisiana take an afternoon and go on one of the many guided swamp tours in the area. Besides the music and food, it was the most fun we had while we were there! 

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