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Jack Kulp

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by Jack Kulp posted Oct 21 2014 3:37PM
....the checker said "wow, that's a lot of cat food." I said "I know. I shouldn't shop when I'm hungry". Seriously though, a shortage of cat food is our signal that we need to make a trip to the store....ASAP. We can go a couple of days without milk. We can even go a couple of days without wine. Oh, wait. No we can't.
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by Jack Kulp posted Oct 20 2014 6:02PM
....but this is our son Jordan on Halloween 2006. Well dressed cat, I guess.
by Jack Kulp posted Oct 17 2014 10:37PM
These are the real colors of the foliage a block away from us in northern Marin County. Whenever my friends on the East coast start bragging about how colorful their autumn is, I just send them a pic of our neighborhood. Oh, and I mention the Giants too.THAT shuts them up pretty quickly. Have a great weekend. You deserve it! We ALL do, actually.
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by Jack Kulp posted Oct 16 2014 4:24PM
....and this is what I found. Christmas lights. I guess I'm a little late getting the Halloween decorations up this year. But Christmas lights? A friend of mine went to Costco several weeks ago and saw Halloween and Christmas decorations right next to each other. Don't get me wrong. I love Halloween, and I love Christmas, but not when they run together. My Dad (92) says when you see Christmas lights, Halloween can't be far behind.
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by Jack Kulp posted Oct 14 2014 5:53PM
His name is Andrew & he's our oldest son. He's a college senior, and just happened to turn 21 today. If you're a parent, I know you've heard, and repeated, all the "I can't believe how fast the time's gone by" clichés as your kids hit the benchmarks of childhood. Kim and I sure have ....the first back to school night, the last back to school night, first/last report card, the first/ last school play, the first/last water polo game...on and on. While there are times we wish we could put the brakes on the passage of time when it comes to our kids, anticipating their next achievements takes the sting out of all the "lasts". On to the next rite(s) of passage, and we'll have a front row seat. Though I may have to remind Andrew that his next rite of passage is to buy his old man a beer.
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by Jack Kulp posted Oct 13 2014 8:37PM
Our cat Tiki. He sits on the hood of my car when I'm about to leave, until I shoo him away. One morning I drove about a quarter of a mile from home until I discovered him in the back seat of my car. I would have loved to take him into work, but I hadto turn around and leave him at home. I'm sure he would have wanted it that way.
by Jack Kulp posted Oct 10 2014 5:46PM
A friend of mine waiting on the runway to depart from SFO this afternoon just happened to pass Air Force One on the tarmac. For me, AF1 is always an awesome sight, no matter who's inside...Democrat or Republican.
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by Jack Kulp posted Oct 6 2014 7:15PM
This was at the store yesterday. I love eggnog. I mean I LOVE eggnog. But it's too early, even for me. It's 90 outside!
by Jack Kulp posted Sep 30 2014 4:06PM
.......but it almost happened.  I used to, well, poke fun at people who polished off a whole carton of ice cream in one sitting. Last night I had a craving for it...not a carton..not even a BOWL full. Just one spoonful should do it. It didn't. Before I knew it the spoon was about to hit the bottom of the box, so I stopped. It was a lot easier to get sucked in than I thought. Lesson learned. ...maybe.
by Jack Kulp posted Sep 29 2014 6:20PM
The critics have been, um, lukewarm with "This Is Where I Leave You". Kim and I went to see it this past weekend and LOVED it. One local critic bemoaned the fact that the family the film centers on didn't display the quirks and humor of a "typical" Jewish family. Well maybe that's because, and this was revealed very early in the film, that nobody in the family is Jewish. Go figure, and go see it.
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