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by Jack Kulp posted May 27 2015 4:54PM
...that the Golden Gate Bridge opened to civilian traffic. Ahead of schedule, and under budget! I'm sure you've seen MUCH better pictures of the span, but this one has special meaning to me. You see, that's my foot in the shot! Looking down on the bridge deck from the south tower about 25 years ago. I remember it was in March so we really lucked out with the weather. There's an elevator in one of the legs. It holds three people, and goes about 20 feet shy of the top. The rest of the way we used a ladder inside the leg. Pretty exciting, and obviously something I'll never forget.

by Jack Kulp posted May 26 2015 6:51PM
You get an ice cream named after you. And it's awesome ice cream too! Have you tried Three Twins yet? It's pretty amazing, and priced accordingly which is why we don't get it very often. Try it sometime. You can now get it at some of the larger grocery chains. Sergio thanks you!
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by Jack Kulp posted May 25 2015 9:26PM
...and Sunday night was the last for the Kulp household. Our youngest son, Jordan had his prom last night, and here's a pic of his group. It was held at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, and the whole group stayed in a hotel room downtown after the big dance. Yeah, I'm sure they got lots of sleep and will be ready for the school day on Tuesday.
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Location : San Francisco
by Jack Kulp posted May 22 2015 4:56PM
But they worked!!! (much of the time). The 80's weekend is on NOW on 96.5 KOIT. Have a great holiday weekend. You deserve it!
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by Jack Kulp posted May 21 2015 4:39PM
All 80's, and it starts at 5 Friday afternoon, and goes all weekend. This is a shot of Sacramento Street outside my apartment in San Francisco, taken around 1984. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the white car is an early 80's Toyota Camry. The beige? No clue.
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Location : San Francisco
by Jack Kulp posted May 15 2015 8:05PM
For a deer, this one's pretty tame. I was able to get closer to it than I though I could. 'Wish I could have fed it out of my hands. How anyone could shoot one of these creatures is beyond me, but that's another subject. Have a great weekend. You deserve it!!!
by Jack Kulp posted May 14 2015 6:40PM
It was a mutual agreement. Charly and I thought it'd be cool to just do an exchange blog thingie..write about each other. Great idea since we, meaning I, run out of ideas sometimes. I haven't looked at her KOIT blog yet, so I have no idea what she's written. And I probably don't want to know. A morning on the air doesn't go by that Charly won't ask me "Do I have time to get another cup of coffee?" Yes. "Do I have time to go to the bathroom?" Yes. "Do I have time to..?" YES!

One of the many things I love about working with Charly is, I can ask a question, which on the surface might seem pretty stupid, and she always gives me a non-judgemental answer. For example, the other day I asked her how often she changes her litter. A rather personal question, I know. We both have cats. She gave me a straight answer without making feel like an idiot.

The morning that she brought in one of her dozen or so pets to hang in the studio with us was one to remember. A couple of years ago, she brought in her little dog Brooklyn(pictured). I love that dog. I spent much of that morning, running up and down the KOIT halls playing with Brooklyn. Radio show be damned. I've got an awesome dog to play with, and I'm so glad that Charly brought him in, and I'm so glad to be working with Charly. Think that'll go to her head? You can bet it won't.
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Topics : Human Interest
by Jack Kulp posted May 13 2015 9:28PM
Have you visited Harley Farms Goat Dairy yet? We were there not too long ago. It's right off Highway 1 in Pescadero. From the cutest goats comes the best goat cheese! Check it out if you're looking for a quick trip this weekend.

by Jack Kulp posted May 12 2015 8:25PM's dinner time, even though they've already been fed. Tiki left & Ollie right. It's probably my fault. Since I'm such a softie for these guys, I've gotten into the not-so-good habit of feeding them from the table. My bad.
by Jack Kulp posted May 11 2015 4:34PM
It's hard to believe that it happened over three weeks ago, and help is still desperately needed. One American aid worker, Mike Savas, arrived just days after the 7.8 quake hit to do what he could to help. I was able to speak with Mike from Nepal by phone about a week ago, and we aired our conversation on Listen Up Bay Area (Sundays 7:15a on KOIT) this past Sunday. Listen to his amazing story here, and the stories of others lending a hand.
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People : ListenMike Savas
by Jack Kulp posted May 8 2015 5:31PM
That's our Mom! Every few years Mom's birthday would actually fall on Mother's Day, and this is one of those years....the year she would have turned 90. As my wife Kim pointed out earlier today, Momwould have scolded us for making such a fuss, and told us "no gifts!" , especially NO flowers. Then she'd go off and cook something for everybody. Yep. That's our Mom.
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People : Kim
by Jack Kulp posted May 7 2015 8:43PM
That's mine, and it's in the AM. My alarm goes off about five minutes later, but it's smell of the coffee that wakes me up, usually before my alarm. Sure, there are mishaps. Like when I got distracted and I loaded up the coffee maker the night before with coffee and no water. So, I woke up to a nice hot pot of nothin'. That sets my AM back. It's either put water in my Mr. Coffee, or hit the road and wait at Starbuck's. I like my Trader Joes coffee more, so I wait for Mr. Coffee.
by Jack Kulp posted May 6 2015 6:43PM
Charly Kayle and I went out to AT&T today to see what was going on before the Giant's/Padres game. A group of Berkeley Middle School kids were getting ready to play the National Anthem before the game, and THEY WERE EXCITED! Who wouldn't be?

Time to file in

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by Jack Kulp posted May 5 2015 9:35PM
When we did our kitchen remodel about a year and a half ago, we threw a ton of stuff out. Baby sippy cups, bibs. We thought those would be safe, since both our boys are now seniors. We also tossed about a half dozen ice trays. Fast forward to this past weekend. Since we love iced coffee during the warmer months, I thought it'd be a great idea to freeze some black coffee into cubes to make it easier. So, yeah. I bought ice trays at the store today. Geez. And my wife wonders why I like to save stuff. Well, we could still do without the sippy cups.
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Topics : Human Interest
by Jack Kulp posted May 4 2015 6:44PM
The good news is, it's cherry season! My absolute fave. The bad news is, the season only lasts about a month. So, eat 'em while you can. We bought this bunch at a Vacaville farmer's market on the way home from Chico on Sunday, and they're already gone.
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Location : Vacaville
by Jack Kulp posted May 1 2015 10:11PM
Besides pets that need homes being adopted, and over stressed animal shelters getting contributions, I just LOVE the kid's faces when they light up at the sight of a friendly dog or cat. We have kids of our own. They're older now, seniors in high school and college. But they still love the sight of their cats.
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