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Jack Kulp

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Thanks for stopping by my page. Wake up weekdays with Charly & I for the most music and Bay Area trending info. Shoot us an email and let us know where you’re listening!

by Jack Kulp posted Sep 18 2014 7:26PM
....The King fire from space. Parts of Highway 50 still closed.
by Jack Kulp posted Sep 17 2014 9:41PM come the rain clouds. Thank you hurricane Odile. No. seriously Thanks Odile!
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by Jack Kulp posted Sep 16 2014 8:44PM
I'd say when it's pumpkin'd and spiced.
by Jack Kulp posted Sep 15 2014 9:56PM
...and I almost bought some. We don't even HAVE a dog. Isn't it amazing what we do for our critters? I went through the checkout with 12 cans of cat food. The clerk said 'wow, that's a lot of cat food". I said "I know. I shouldn't shop when I'm hungry."
by Jack Kulp posted Sep 9 2014 8:56PM
Our sons do their own laundry. But every once in a while I have to throw their stuff in the dryer. But no worries. This was a profitable day for Jack.
by Jack Kulp posted Sep 8 2014 8:47PM
You're my fave. You always will be. But after 86 years, can't you get this right?
by Jack Kulp posted Sep 5 2014 6:37PM
THAT'S what it's like to see our two sons eat at dinner time. And what kills me is that they don't gain a pound. Our biggest food expense? Cereal.
by Jack Kulp posted Sep 3 2014 8:26PM
How our son, quite the guitar player, takes a breather. I'd talk on the the (dial) phone.
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by Jack Kulp posted Sep 1 2014 9:19PM
We saw it over the holiday weekend. It was shot over 12 years, and it was amazing!
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by Jack Kulp posted Aug 28 2014 5:51PM
Our grocery store in town decided to remodel. Everything in a different place, all to improve my "shopping experience". It turned a quick 30 miniute shopping trip to into an hour long extravaganza.
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