Jack Kulp

Oh yeah. It's whatshisname...

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q:  Who is William Anderson?

A:  Adam West, who also used Batman as an alias.  Robin's real name was Burt Ward, who's real name is Burtin Jervis.

Andrew, our sixteen year old, got his license yesterday. Why do I feel so serene? Shouldn't I be a twitching bundle of nerves right now? Yes, but I'm not.  Might it be that I don't truly appreciate the gravity of this milestone? Nope, that ain't it either, because I do.  I guess I just have to face the fact that I really, really trust the guy. I trust his friends. I trust his friends' parents. And in some cases the parents' parents. I know lots of Moms & Dad's who were, pardon the word choice here,  wrecks when their kids got their licenses.  MY parents for example.  But my wife and I are pretty lucky, and feeling pretty good. Until that first insurance bill comes around.

Have a fab weekend!

03/26/2010 5:47AM
Oh yeah. It's whatshisname...
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