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One of my favorite sandwiches...

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q: What's the most popular grilled cheese sandwich add-in in the US?

A: Tomato. Bacon, ham, potato chips, and pickles are right up there too. Most popular cheeses are cheddar and American. Gouda, Swiss, and Gruyere are also biggies. How about a restaurant that serves nothing BUT grilled cheese. It's the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in San Francisco, and it's opening in a few days.

Oops! The pet-related business fund raiser to help out the Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society, gutted by fire last week, was LAST Saturday.  However, you can still make donations through the BEBHS website, if you wish. Thanks.

When the notice arrived in the mail, the thought of having to spend a day or two at the DMV to renew my license (no test) almost paralyzed me. So I headed to the Novato DMV office yesterday with a book,  planning to make a half day of it. So, you can imagine my surprise, delight really, on being able to walk out about a half hour later.  $31 paid, thumbprint and photo taken...all business complete. I'll have to say that, in that office anyway, the DMV get's a bad rap. I told them so. The staff was friendly, speedy. Truth be told, some of the CUSTOMERS were complete jerks. Chill, people. Thanks DMV

05/26/2010 4:27AM
One of my favorite sandwiches...
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