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Philo's Phans.....

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q: The corner of Sansome and Green Streets in San Francisco is the birthplace of....

A:  Television.  The photo below shows a plaque on the corner honoring.....

.....Mr. Philo Farnsworth,  the inventor of modern television in 1927.

Farnsworth, who died in 1971, was asked late in his life why he no longer owned at TV.  It was the interviewers feeling that Farnsworth didn't think there was anything worthwhile to watch.   Check out the plaque, then cross Sansome and head to Henry's for some of the best Hunan food you've ever had.  Pot stickers, hot & sour beef, and a Tsingtao. Who knows. Maybe Philo would have gone for that.

Where have all the Pier 39 sea lions gone?  Vanished! Up until Thanksgiving, a record number (1,700+) of the loud but lovable critters occupied the docks at the tourist destination. In fact, since 1989, they've become the tourist destination. Researchers at the Marin Marine Mammal Center say the sea lions are just following the food supply, and some that had been tagged while taking up residence in San Francisco have already been spotted south of Monterey. More abundant herring,  they suppose.  The scientists are confident they'll return. You can be certain the Pier 39/Fisherman's Wharf merchants are counting on it.

Maybe you heard that the Bay Area Air Quality Management District banned fireplace fires Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Toast a marshmallow, go to jail.  Or at least get off with a warning. If you'd been warned before, a $400 fine. 47 warnings were handed out by the twelve inspectors making the rounds.  Lots of neighbors ratting out neighbors. Yeah, that's the spirit.

Did someone say spirit?  On this very website, my wife Kim, weighs in on New Years booze consumption. Though she doesn't actually use the word "booze" - no Registered Dietitian would in a clinical context - she does offer some excellent thoughts on the subject. Click here to jump to her page.

12/29/2009 6:50AM
Philo's Phans.....
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