Jack Kulp

Talkin' trash

This morning's trivia question on KOIT:

Q:  How much trash was picked up after Sunday's Bay To Breakers?

A: about 13 tons...7 tons less than last year. The tighter alcohol  restriction this year is credited for the lighter trash load.  Booze bottles are heavy, after all.  But there's still more to pick up. Volunteers are needed to help with trash removal near the Beach Chalet 9am Saturday morning.

Please remember to vote today.

The Newsoms' Russian Hill condo is off the market, and reportedly went for just under 3 million, and sold in an astonishing short period of time...just under a month. "The Mayor's Former Residence" carries some cache, I suppose. Mayor Newsom and his wife, Jennifer, are expecting a little Newsom. So they'll need more space than the one bedroom Russian Hill pad. Yes. That's right. One bedroom for 3 mil.

05/19/2009 4:56AM
Talkin' trash
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