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Teri King

Teri KingWeekdays, 10am-3pm

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In six seconds what do I love? 49ers, Giants, Disney, our family, my husband’s cooking, Buster the Pug, and all of the great music we play on KOIT. Can’t wait to hear from you!

by Teri King posted Sep 18 2014 11:48AM
Wow! You won't recognize the new SFMasonic on Nob Hill! They gave it a facelift and it's a great space to see a show!

Here's a video I took last night at their grand re-opening celebration!
See if you can spot Charly!

We got the red carpet treatment last night!

Having fun with our buddy Tony! Definitely check out the new #SFMasonic. Thinking about going to see Hall Oates on October 17th!

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by Teri King posted Sep 17 2014 12:22PM
I'm so excited, after spending a wonderful afternoon at the Home Consignment Center with Designer Sonia, I have decided on some beautiful pieces at amazing prices to make over our living room!
First The Couch!!

This Couch is so comfortable! and at only $899! I can't wait to cuddle up with a book by the fire!

Here's the rug we decided on, I think it's going to look great and there are so many colors to work with for new pillows

At $299 each, these Club Chairs will look great!

Sonia offers some great advice on a 2nd rug for this room. I love the colors in this one too, and I think it will look great in our home!

Thank you Sonia and Home Consignment Center for helping with our Room Makeover!
Can't wait to have it delivered, Will share with you soon!
by Teri King posted Sep 16 2014 9:51AM
This man has created the most beautiful house for his cats, and credits Asperger's for the inspiration. It's amazing and so is he!! photo Anna-Flickr

by Teri King posted Sep 11 2014 10:47AM
September 11, 2001
The day the world changed forever.
Here's a way to always remember and respect.
by Teri King posted Sep 10 2014 9:10AM
Answer?? Only $1099 at the Home Consigment Center in Corte Madera!
I'm giving our Living Room a makeover, and I kinda fell in love with this couch! We decided to go lighter to brighten my room because there's a lot of dark wood already and I'd like to find something more...cushy and less masculine. But this really is an amazing deal. Here are some other treasures I found.

VIDEO This Coffee Table is so cute for only $129

VIDEO - This Arts & Crafts Chest is an amazing deal!

This Oval table with a marble top could go in like a million places and it's only $169 @HomeConsigmentCenter

These wool rugs come direct from the rug dealer and are clean and beautiful!

Next week I'll share some of the pieces we chose for my Room Makeover! In the mean time I might stop in again to the Home Consigment Center, they are getting new items every day!!

by Teri King posted Sep 9 2014 11:14AM
photo: Bev Goodwin-Flickr

This cat totally got busted! Hilarious!!

by Teri King posted Sep 8 2014 10:25AM
Our kid is a picky eater, but I did something right by putting some of his favorite foods in a tortilla wrap for an easy lunch! What do you feed your "discerning" eater when making lunch for school?
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by Teri King posted Sep 5 2014 8:43AM
This is exclusively for Downton Abbey fans! Love Maggie Smith! Have a great weekend~
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by Teri King posted Sep 4 2014 11:21AM
I'm thrilled to be heading to the Home Consignment Center this weekend to pick out some new furniture to make over this living room. They say you should choose colors that look good on you. Let's face it, the colors we choose better match BUSTER! After all, he'll probably be spending the most time in this room.

I can't wait to replace this rug! What colors do you recommend, considering that BUSTER will be sleeping on it probably every day!

Here's a picture of the room, all suggestions welcome! Going to the Home Consigment Center to give this room an over makeover!!!
Just in time for the holidays!
by Teri King posted Sep 3 2014 9:42AM
Walter the sea dog loves the ocean so much!
See first hand what it's like to be a beautiful labrador and let off leash! So Great!

by Teri King posted Sep 2 2014 9:40AM
These High School Teachers made a great video to help raise funds for their school, what a great idea! enjoy! Super Cute!

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