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In six seconds what do I love? 49ers, Giants, Disney, our family, my husband’s cooking, Buster the Pug, and all of the great music we play on KOIT. Can’t wait to hear from you!

by Teri King posted Sep 4 2015 2:37PM
This cute little Beagle doesn't want to let go! [VIDEO]

photo ~ Flickr ukahbob777
by Teri King posted Sep 3 2015 12:58PM
If you're looking to impress your Labor Day Barbeque ~ Try this trick for kids and adults! So Great!!

Perfectly Skinning A Watermelon Is Your New Favorite Party Trick

Posted by PositiveMed on Wednesday, September 2, 2015
photo ~ Flickr Steven Depolo
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People : Steven Depolo
by Teri King posted Sep 2 2015 12:43PM
I can't get throught this [video] without tearing up! WATCH these brave men and women give their families the best surprise ever! photo ~ Flickr DVIDSHUB

Hits you right in the feels. via Pixable

Posted by The Huffington Post on Wednesday, April 15, 2015
by Teri King posted Sep 1 2015 10:33AM
Word is the whale watching is amazing in Monterey Bay this season. WATCH this BBC interviewer stop his live interview when the rare Blue Whale makes a appearance. So BEAUTIFUL!! His enthusiasm is infectious! We have to get to Monterey and see these beautiful mammals!

photo ~ Flickr Gregory "slobirdr" Smith
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by Teri King posted Aug 28 2015 10:02AM
This weekend we remember those who lost their lives in Hurricane Katrina on this 10 year anniversary.  WATCH these people talk about New Orleans and the impact that Katrina still has in New Orleans.  

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by Teri King posted Aug 27 2015 10:09AM
WATCH this tender moment when the great Jimmy Stewart reads a poem about his dog Bo.  Johnny gets teared up and he's not the only one!  This [video] will tug at your heart.

by Teri King posted Aug 26 2015 1:15PM
Happy National Dog Day Today!  Rescue a dog and give them a new home!!  Here's a picture of our dog Buster at his favorite spot....the Beach!!  Celebrate National Dog day and give your pooch extra love and treats today!  Teri King!about1/c141h

by Teri King posted Aug 25 2015 12:40PM
Wow!  Amazing [VIDEO] of Lioness and her newly born cub crossing the road.  So Beautiful!  Take a moment from the hustle and bustle of our everyday life and WATCH these beautiful creatures in the wild ` Enjoy!

  photo ~ Flickr Rob Bixby
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by Teri King posted Aug 20 2015 11:57AM
YES!!  That's my boss and he brought me to see the Taylor Swift show AND we went backstage to meet her before the show!!
What an exciting night and Taylor couldn't have been nicer ~  What a lovely person she is!

First they asked us to wear this special wristbands that gave us access to the backstage area at Levis Stadium.'s almost time to meet Taylor!!

Once backstage, they brought us to a special room called "Loft 1989"  with cookies, pizza, drinks and lots of other nice people.

Taylor came to the room, wearing the TALLEST heels!!  She's tall to begin with!  She talked to my boss, and I thanked her for writing to Apple and standing up for musicians to get compensation for their music.  We also told Taylor how KOIT has the BEST listeners in the world and thanked her for all the tickets we got to share with our audience.  She is so nice and sweet and sincere.  She autographed this Poster for our KOIT Listeners!

Then Taylor introduced us to her Mom, Andrea!  Taylor's Mom gave us a private tour of the stage!  Unfortunately no cell phone or picture were allowed, but it was an incredible experience to see everything from behind the scenes.  The LED TV screen on the stage was huge!  It equalled 250 50 inch tv screens!  There were miles of cables, 250 plus speakers, tons of video cameras, 9 changes of outfits for all her dancers and several guitars!  
Here's a picture of Taylor's mom!  She's so nice, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!

Once Taylor hit the stage the Stadium went CRAZY!!!  Everyone had these LED wristbands that lit up with the show, changed colors and flashed along with the beat of her songs!  It was like everyone in the audience was part of the light show!  Taylor always rises to the occassion offering her fans more every visit.  This show did not disappoint!  

by Teri King posted Aug 19 2015 1:03PM
It's one of the hardest days for a parent, the very FIRST day of school.  WATCH this adorable courageous 4 year old try to keep it together on his first day of school.  I'M crying watching this!  
  photo ~ Flickr Woodleywonderworks
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