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In six seconds what do I love? 49ers, Giants, Disney, our family, my husband’s cooking, Buster the Pug, and all of the great music we play on KOIT. Can’t wait to hear from you!

by Teri King posted Jul 3 2015 10:35AM

Sarasota Florida installed public pianos and this homeless man shared his beautiful talent. This [VIDEO] touched me....we all have a story to share. The song is from the band Styx "Come Sail Away"

photo Flickr ~ Pedro Rideiro Simoes
by Teri King posted Jun 30 2015 9:44AM
Rick Astley looking and sounding great!  Enjoy this [video] of Rick singing Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk" at a recent concert ~  These are great seats and I love the challenge of recording on your mobile device....seems like everybody's got the same idea!  Lol!

  photo ~ Flickr Michael Alo-Nielsen
by Teri King posted Jun 29 2015 11:00AM
Congratulations Mad Bum!  He's the youngest player in SF Giants history to throw 1000 strikes at age 25!  Way to go Madison, We love you!  [video]

  photo Flickr SD Dirk
by Teri King posted Jun 26 2015 12:08PM
It's PRIDE Weekend here in San Francisco and the streets are full of joyous residents celebrating the Supreme Court Decision to legalize gay marriage in all 50 States!  Here's a [VIDEO] of Actor Ian McKellen celebrating with his partner and a proposal!!  
  photo ~ Flickr Pete Birkinshaw
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Location : San Francisco
by Teri King posted Jun 25 2015 2:25PM
While vacationing near Yosemite in the Stanislaus Forest, we went hiking and found many beautiful wildflowers thriving during the drought.  Our naturalist Neal has been keeping an eye on this particular Phantom Orchid.  It's hard to grasp the expanses of forest that were lost to the Rim Fire 2 years ago.  In addition to burning trees and vegetation, the fire replenished the soil with nutrients and the forest is returning!  We spotted the rare Phantom Orchid, how beautiful!  If you spot this rare flower, step carefully and let it grow and reproduce!  
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by Teri King posted Jun 24 2015 11:53AM
This crazy Cubs fan protected his baby while making a ridiculous one handed catch and stole an out from Dodgers Adrian Gonzalez. [video]  Those bare handed catches hurt!  No problem for this dad!
  photo Flickr Keith Allison
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Topics : Human Interest
by Teri King posted Jun 23 2015 2:11PM
Holding my breath watching this little bear free climb! So Great! 

  photo ~ Flickr Arend
by Teri King posted Jun 12 2015 2:23PM
Who doesn't love Betty White!  Here she is pranking James Corden before appearing on his show!  [video]  She really is the best!  Enjoy! 

  photo Flickr David Shankbone
by Teri King posted Jun 9 2015 2:08PM
This Orangutan is a good mommy to these baby tigers!  [video] So beautiful ~ 

by Teri King posted Jun 8 2015 1:49PM
OMG these doggies are so cute!  What a great flim by Carli Davidson.  Watch this [video] and you'll laugh out loud! ~ so great I had to share!

SHAKE from Variable on Vimeo.

photo ~ Flickr S. Carter

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