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In six seconds what do I love? 49ers, Giants, Disney, our family, my husband’s cooking, Buster the Pug, and all of the great music we play on KOIT. Can’t wait to hear from you!

by Teri King posted Mar 30 2015 1:53PM
If you love modern art and desserts you have to check out this great cookbook from local patisserie chef Caitlin Freeman! Looking at these sweet treats is almost as satisfying as eating them! Enjoy and support our local chefs! This is a great gift idea for the baker in your life. Here's a link to learn more...

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People : Caitlin Freeman
by Teri King posted Mar 27 2015 10:52AM
Get ready to laugh!! This [video] of Tom Hanks acting out all the movies he's every made with Jeff Corden will make your day!

Photo Flickr ~ Loren Javier
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People : Jeff CordenTom Hanks
by Teri King posted Mar 26 2015 1:08PM
There wasn't a dry eye when Ed Sheeran surprised this Austrailian Couple and sang their first song at their wedding [video] So SWEET! Enjoy! Photo ~ Flickr Eva Rinaldi
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by Teri King posted Mar 25 2015 1:49PM
SO ADORABLE! Watch this Mommy Hippo teach her baby hippo to swim at the San Diego Zoo!~
Photo Flickr Rod Waddington

A river hippopotamus at the San Diego Zoo named Funani teaches her newborn calf how to swim in their enclosure. http://nbcnews.to/1CXZSY9

Posted by NBC News on Wednesday, March 25, 2015
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by Teri King posted Mar 24 2015 12:31PM
[VIDEO] of Madbum cutting down a tree at his family's ranch keeps him in great shape. Enjoy!

Photo Flickr ~ SD Dirk
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by Teri King posted Mar 23 2015 2:24PM
Not sure who's cuter, the little girl singing or this Pug in pajamas all tucked in! [video] nighty night!

Photo ~ Flickr Hannah K
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by Teri King posted Mar 20 2015 2:05PM
This downward dog is adorable following his person's yoga routine! [video] Enjoy!

photo Flickr ~ Marco Peter
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People : Marco Peter
by Teri King posted Mar 19 2015 12:56PM
You know this guy does this every day! I WOULD! Pug Puppy Attack! [video] Adorable!!

photo Flickr Diyire Amey
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by Teri King posted Mar 17 2015 1:48PM
[Video] Watch this Eagle descend to the ground and into his trainer's arms when he flys off the Burj Khalifa in Dubai! Wow! How does the Eagle even see his trainer when he flys off the tallest building in the world! Amazing

photo ~ Flickr Steven Byles
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Location : Dubai
by Teri King posted Mar 16 2015 2:34PM
Meghan Trainor [video] "Dear Future Husband" is adorable and will make your day! Enjoy!
Photo Flickr Ronald Woan
by Teri King posted Mar 13 2015 9:28AM
Will Ferrell showed up at spring training and played baseball for 10 teams in 1 day. All the fun was for an HBO special and memorabilia will be sold to raise funds for Cancer for College and Stand Up for Cancer. Here's a [video] of Will in the SF Dugout with Bruce Bochy!
Post by San Francisco Giants.

photo ~ Flicr Eva Rinali
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by Teri King posted Mar 11 2015 12:23PM
This dog is having fun with his person! [video] Wow!
photo ~ Flickr Sherry Exhuthachan

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by Teri King posted Mar 10 2015 1:43PM
This [video] of Weird Al Yankovic singing with 13 year old Jodi DiPiazza is really great! Dressed like a Jedi, they teamed up to sing a Star Wars Parody of the Kinks "Lola" All for a great cause, this performance was for the Night of Too Many Stars Telethon.

Photo Matthew Glover
by Teri King posted Mar 9 2015 10:42AM
March 8th is International Woman's Day. Thank you Emma Watson for taking your celebrity for good work supporting women all over the world. Please watch this [video] of Emma's speech at the World Economic Forum for the #heforshe campaign. Share it with the men in your life to voice their support for women.

photo ~ Flickr ursulakm
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People : Emma Watson
by Teri King posted Mar 6 2015 9:04AM
You'll be amazed when you watch this tortoise and puppy play ball together! Animals speak a language all their own! [video] Enjoy!

Photo ~ Flickr Karol Franks
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People : Mark Brown
by Teri King posted Mar 5 2015 1:20PM
This cute Sea Lion hitched a ride on this family's kayak [video] So cute! I love the way he nuzzles up to daddy!

photo Flickr Michael R Perry
by Teri King posted Mar 4 2015 10:08AM
These adorable cats are staying in shape! [video]. Enjoy!!

Post by Sports International.

photo ~ Flickr Jeff Olen
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by Teri King posted Mar 3 2015 9:29AM
This [video] explains beautifully why we wear our wedding rings on our 4th finger ~ Try it!

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by Teri King posted Mar 2 2015 12:02PM
Aloha from Aulani! We are having a wonderful visit and truly wish you were here. The water in the lagoon is cool and refreshing and we spent a good part of yesterday swimming. Our rented kayak had a see through bottom and we could see sea turtles swimming in the bay. The water slides are fast and furious and empty out to the lazy river that circles around the resort. Last night we even saw whales breaching off in the distance offshore. Coconut Shrimp, shaved ice, long tail tropical drinks and beautiful sunsets await you! Your chance to qualify for a family vacation to Aulani happens at 8am and 5pm! Mahalo!

- Teri King

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