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In six seconds what do I love? 49ers, Giants, Disney, our family, my husband’s cooking, Buster the Pug, and all of the great music we play on KOIT. Can’t wait to hear from you!

by Teri King posted Mar 5 2015 1:20PM
This cute Sea Lion hitched a ride on this family's kayak [video] So cute! I love the way he nuzzles up to daddy!

photo Flickr Michael R Perry
by Teri King posted Mar 4 2015 10:08AM
These adorable cats are staying in shape! [video]. Enjoy!!

Post by Sports International.

photo ~ Flickr Jeff Olen
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by Teri King posted Mar 3 2015 9:29AM
This [video] explains beautifully why we wear our wedding rings on our 4th finger ~ Try it!

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by Teri King posted Mar 2 2015 12:02PM
Aloha from Aulani! We are having a wonderful visit and truly wish you were here. The water in the lagoon is cool and refreshing and we spent a good part of yesterday swimming. Our rented kayak had a see through bottom and we could see sea turtles swimming in the bay. The water slides are fast and furious and empty out to the lazy river that circles around the resort. Last night we even saw whales breaching off in the distance offshore. Coconut Shrimp, shaved ice, long tail tropical drinks and beautiful sunsets await you! Your chance to qualify for a family vacation to Aulani happens at 8am and 5pm! Mahalo!

- Teri King

by Teri King posted Feb 26 2015 2:21PM
Love these guys!  Everybody's doing the Uptown Funk!  Here's a great spin from some hip Seniors! [video]


Photo ~ Flickr Chrizta T.
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by Teri King posted Feb 25 2015 1:52PM
Elsa and the gang are back, but the only way you can see this Animated Short Film is to see the new Disney Movie Cinderalla.  They will show this before the movie as an added bonus!  Here's a sneak peek!

Post by Frozen.

Photo ~ Flickr Mike Mozart
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by Teri King posted Feb 24 2015 9:41AM
Ahh yes, this [video] perfectly explains why it's so hard to get anything done when taking care of babies. CUTE!!


photo ~ Flickr Melissa Wentarmini
by Teri King posted Feb 23 2015 11:06AM
OK, this is pretty great!  Parody [video] ...Here's Big Birdman!  Featuring veteran puppeteer Caroll Spinney ~ Enjoy!


Photo ~ Flickr Davidlohr Bueso
by Teri King posted Feb 20 2015 9:47AM
Wow!  Marck Zuckerberg's Mandarin is really good!  Check out this warm greeting wishing your a Happy Chinese New Year! 

photo Flickr ~ Jason McELweenie
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by Teri King posted Feb 19 2015 9:18AM
Way to go Rufus!  He just solved the Wheel of Fortune Puzzle with only 1 letter [video]  My money is on Rufus!


photo ~ Flickr Alex Cameron
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