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Teri KingWeekdays, 10am-3pm

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In six seconds what do I love? 49ers, Giants, Disney, our family, my husband’s cooking, Buster the Pug, and all of the great music we play on KOIT. Can’t wait to hear from you!

by Teri King posted Apr 30 2015 1:45PM
I love watching this father and son play this game....the Anticipation!   Enjoy this [video] and get ready to laugh!  so great!!!


This game looks a right laugh!

Posted by UNILAD on Monday, April 20, 2015
by Teri King posted Apr 29 2015 1:41PM
Does your cat have any of these Super Powers?  [video] or ALL of them!  Enjoy!

  photo Flickr ~ Alan Turkus
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People : Alan Turkus
by Teri King posted Apr 28 2015 12:42PM
This [video] is great and captures a sleepless night!  Good to know we're not alone! 
  photo~ Flickr M. Dolly
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by Teri King posted Apr 24 2015 10:00AM
You'll want to adopt all these cuties after you watch this [video] of OAK TOWN Pup!  Thanks East Bay SPCA for this great video!  Enjoy and Spay and Neuter you Pup!

 photo Flickr Kristine Paulus
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Topics : Human Interest
by Teri King posted Apr 23 2015 1:41PM
Uh oh!  Look what happens when mommy leaves the room for only 1 minute!  [video] I think you will Laugh Out Loud!  Really!! Enjoy!


photo ~ Flickr aaron gilson
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Topics : Human Interest
by Teri King posted Apr 22 2015 1:47PM
Here is a beautiful tribute to our planet and our majestic National Parks! [video] Happy Earth Day!
  photo ~ Flickr Donkey Hotey
by Teri King posted Apr 21 2015 1:59PM
Over the weekend we went to see some jazz, Gil Gilberto at Davies Symphony Hall.  I'd forgotten how wonderful live music sounds at Davies.  The accoustics are amazing!  A reminder that we need to treat ourselves to the Symphony more often.  Music soothes the savage beast!  
by Teri King posted Apr 20 2015 2:12PM
These little pranksters are trying to take over our jobs here at KOIT! lol!  [video] of Kitten DJ's aDOREable!

  photo ~ Flickr Stallio
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by Teri King posted Apr 17 2015 2:34PM
This Siberian Husky is so gentle with the baby ~ really amazing [video] Enjoy!

  photo ~ Flickr Jasen Miller
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Topics : Human Interest
People : Jasen Miller
by Teri King posted Apr 16 2015 12:48PM
Can't wait for the new Star Wars Film??  You're not alone!  Here's the latest teaser [video]

  photo ~ Flickr Star Wars
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