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Teri King


Teri King

In six seconds what do I love? 49ers, Giants, Disney, our family, my husband's cooking, Buster the Pug, and all of the great music we play on KOIT. Can't wait to hear from you!

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by Teri King posted Oct 6 2015 2:09PM
When Justin Lansford lost his leg in Afghanistan he adopted Gabe a 2 year old Golden Retriever Therapy Dog. Gabe served as Justin's Best Man at his recent wedding, so sweet! [video]

by Teri King posted Oct 5 2015 1:15PM

We had a great day at the WestLake Shopping Center! Together we raised over $1800 and pet food and supplies for our animal friends at Orphan Dog in Lake County recovering from the Valley Fire. Special Thanks to all the firefighters from the Daly City Fire Department, Engines #91 #92 #95 along with Steve, Greg, Will, Ross, Bobby, Mark, Andrew, Tony, Nick G, Nick D and all the guys who stopped by. Also our friends at Unleased by PETCO & Abaxis Global Diagnostics for their generous Donation! It was a great day and so much fun meeting all the cool people in Daly City! Thanks Everyone!!

by Teri King posted Sep 29 2015 11:56AM
Pope Francis has a sense of humor!  He stopped the motorcade to meet and kiss this baby in a pope hat! [video] so great!!!

  photo ~ Flickr Quinn Dombrowski
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Topics : Religion_Belief
by Teri King posted Sep 28 2015 11:55AM
If you have a cat..or several at home..this [video] is for you!  The Pizza Box is my favorite!! So funny!

by Teri King posted Sep 15 2015 10:28AM
Thank goodness everybody's ok.  WATCH these whale watching kayakers get the surprise of their life when a beautiful humpback whale breaches right beside them!  
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by Teri King posted Sep 14 2015 2:31PM
WATCH these adorable animals sleeping and why they sleep these funny ways!  Super cute!  But watch might fall asleep too!

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Topics : Human Interest
by Teri King posted Sep 11 2015 12:47PM
WATCH these 5 and 6 year old girls give texting advice for these grown men trying to get a date.  Cute!  
by Teri King posted Sep 9 2015 1:37PM
It's been so hot lately, we all could enjoy a little ice cream....WATCH what happens when this little one can't keep his eyes open and can't stop eating ice cream...too cute!
  photo Flickr Sean MacEntee
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People : Sean MacEntee
by Teri King posted Sep 8 2015 1:40PM
WATCH this couple reunite at the airport after being beautiful!


This is true love.Chris GQ Perry

Posted by Chris GQ Perry on Monday, September 7, 2015
by Teri King posted Sep 4 2015 2:37PM
This cute little Beagle doesn't want to let go! [VIDEO]

  photo ~ Flickr ukahbob777
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