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This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q:  Gary Stewart of LA set a Guinness  record by doing  this almost 178 thousand times?

A:  jumping on a pogo stick

Memorial weekend box office take:

The Night at the Museum sequel did better than Fox even expected, bringing in 70 million. The original 'Night made 30 million when it opened in 2004. The new Terminator flick, sans our Governor, came in second with almost 54 million. Kim and I saw The Soloist with Jamie Fox, and Robert Downey, Jr.  over the weekend. A real disappointment. And, after seeing the previews for it, we were so looking forward to the movie. Waaayy too long! Many of the scenes could probably have been shortened by a third. My watch died in the theater. Really. The battery kicked about half way through the film. If I started looking at my watch only half way through...well, that tells you something.

The Alhambra Creek beaver population in Martinez is now nine, after four new beaver kits were spotted in the creek near downtown. This'll be the third generation born there. They believe the babies are about four weeks old, and they arrived just in time for tourist season in Martinez! Early this past Sunday, Martinez resident Moses Silva waded into the creek with a flashlight taped to his video camera, and posted the images here.

05/26/2009 4:45AM
The guy's got some time on his hands.....
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05/26/2009 6:41AM
Daily News About The Soloist : A few links about The Soloist - Tuesday, 26 May 2009 09:26
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07/16/2009 8:38AM
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