Jack Kulp

The weekend is here, and that's no porky!

This morning's trivia at 6:20 on KOIT:

Q: A "porky" is Australian slang for.....

A:...a lie

A sausage is a snag, and a stickybeak a nosy person. If you want to delve more deeply in the colorful world of slang from Down Under, check out this Australian slang dictionary.

On Monday morning trivia I'll be giving away Beach Blanket Babylon tix at 6:20. I'd love to go to that show again.  BBB's 36th anniversary is coming up next month! I'd love to know how many locals they've lampooned over time.

Whole Foods opened in our town last week. Walking distance from our house in fact, and it was quite a big deal. Local dignitaries of varying importance were on hand at the ribbon cutting. Bread cutting, actually. Then it was open for business! We've been familiar with Whole Foods for quite a while, and have been aware of their high quality......and high prices. "Whole Paycheck", as the saying goes. With two teenage bottomless pits, we knew we weren't going to be able to do our "heavy" shopping there.  Maybe a few quick trips to Whole Foods during the week. That way, our bankruptcy will occur over a longer, more convenient period of time.

.........and I'll see you Monday.

Jack Kulp, KOIT

04/30/2010 4:54AM
The weekend is here, and that's no porky!
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