Jack Kulp

Then just put her on the dollar coin......

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q:  There was supposed to be a fifth face carved into the side of Mt. Rushmore. Who was it supposed to be?

A:  Susan B. Anthony was planned, but they ran out of $$.  Right now there are  (l to r) Washington, Jefferson, T.Roosevelt, and Lincoln.

The backpacks were flying off the shelves yesterday at Sacred Heart Community Service in San Jose. Thousands of them filled with school supplies for kids that don't have the cash for the back to school stuff they need. And the need seems to get greater every year. Each packed backpack costs about40 bucks to put together, and they plan to hand out close to fifteen thousand of them around The Bay by the end of August. Our friends at The Family Giving Tree are doing the heavy lifting again this year, and they could sure use some help.

08/04/2010 4:58AM
Then just put her on the dollar coin......
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Then just put her on the dollar coin......