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Hi. Jack Kulp here, and thanks a million for checking out my blog this (pick one) morning/afternoon/evening.  I'm certainly glad you stopped by, and I hope you'll log in on a regular basis because I'd hate to think of all my best typos going to waste.  Oh yes.  There WILL be typos.  Just wait.

This will be the place where you'll be able to check out, among other things, the daily trivia questions and answers heard on the KOIT More Music Morning Show at 6:20. This morning's for example: How many movie tickets does an average American buy each year? It surprised me to find out that we each purchase only about 4.6 movie tickets a year. I thought the number would be a lot higher. Maybe more people than we thought are sneaking in without a ticket these days.

We'll also point and stare and laugh or cry at  some of what's happening in our own back yard. Take Newark.  Last Saturday, someone bought a SuperLotto ticket at the Lion Food Center there on Cedar Boulevard. Yup, a 35 million dollar winner, but no one has come forward yet to claim the prize. So, if you've purchased lotto tix in Newark lately, check your pockets & check your tickets. If you won,  remember the kind-hearted soul who passed this info on to you.

And they'll be calling it the luck of the Giants, with their opening day today (rain), instead of yesterday (70's & sun).

Anyway, I promise this blogging thing'll  get better as I get the hang of  it. So stop by when you can, and always feel free to offer feedback.  I'd love to hear from both of you.

In the meantime join us on the KOIT More Music Morning Show starting every morning at 5.


04/07/2009 11:57AM
This is the place to check it out...
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