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Top 10 Ways to Stay Stress Free at Work

by 96.5 KOIT posted Aug 8 2014 11:16AM
Check out the top 10 ways to stay stress free at work!

1. Listen to Music.
   By listening to music you can relieve stress and anxiety. Turn on 96.5 KOIT.
   According to Help Guide, a daily non profit resource, listening to music can quickly change our mood in the office.     
   CLICK HERE to learn more.

2. Keep your workspace clean and organized.
    Forbes recently said that by having a messy desk it is harder to focus on your work.
    CLICK HERE to learn more.

3. Focus on your breath.
    As said by Henri Junttila in his blog, taking deep breaths helps you to anchor yourself in the present moment and to calm yourself down.
    CLICK HERE to learn more.

4. Learn to relax.
    According to The Skills You Need, by learning to relax we are conscious of our negative stress and we are able to relieve ourselves of the negativity. 
    CLICK HERE to learn more.

5. Leave your desk for lunch.
    Stated by James Clear, people need to leave the work enviroment and just take a break-lunch is the perfect  opportunity. 
    CLICK HERE to learn more.

6. Exercise.
   According to American Express, excersising can increase happiness in your daily life.
   CLICK HERE to learn more.

7. Drink Water.
   According to Vendor Seek, it is essential to stay hydrated and keep a bottle of water by your desk. Water helps to calm you in times of stress.
   CLICK HERE to learn more.

8. Avoid difficult people.
    Try and avoid people that make your life difficult-these people create stress in our lives as stated by Leo Babauta in his blog.
    CLICK HERE to learn more.

9. Leave your desk for a while.
   As stated by DEG Consulting You are not chained to your desk, get up and take a walk and just leave the office. 
   CLICK HERE to learn more. 

10. Learn to say no.
    Even if it is hard to say no and it takes practice, you can not please everyone and by accepting this it will reduce stress according to Business Coaching.
    CLICK HERE to learn more.

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08/08/2014 12:01PM
Top 10 Ways to Stay Stress Free at Work
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