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Brent Carey

Wet Nose Wednesday

This week's adoptable pets:



Baxter is one happy-go-lucky boy. He’s always happy to meet new people and be out and about! Not only does he have a sunny personality, but head-turning looks too. We’re not quite sure what blend of breeds he is, but he sure turned out cute. Baxter can’t wait to be yours! We think Baxter is 7 years young, weighing 23 lbs.


Harley is a true blend of breeds that turned out just right! Harley may be considered a senior, but he sure does have lots of pep in his step! He loves going for daily walks in the sunshine, and is always game for belly rubs on a warm, comfy bed. Harley gets along great with other dogs, too. We think Harley is 13 years young, weighing 30 lbs.


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This month's featured organization is: 

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue is dedicated to helping older dogs. When senior dogs end up at local shelters –because of a lifelong companion’s death or change in circumstance, or because they’ve been abandoned – they are often passed over for puppies, and overcrowded shelters may have no option other than euthanasia. Muttville rescues these wonderful dogs, gives them the medical care they need, spruces them up with grooming and good food, puts them in a loving foster home, and finds them new forever homes. Part of Muttville’s mission is to educate the public about the joys of adopting an older dog, and after eight years of operation, and 3,500 dogs rescued, more dogs are being adopted each month. These sweet dogs are their own best ambassadors, and just by walking down the street - they are showing the world what a wonderful companion an older dog can be.

  Looking for a loving animal? Adopt one now from the KOIT Wet Nose Wednesday family of humane societies, animal care services and shelters. Many of them offer training, neuter/spaying services, clinics, and of course advice for the new pet owner. Find one near you!

arf Animal Rescue Foundation | Click here to see a video on arf...and here for another! 

Berkeley Animal Care Services

Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society

Contra Costa Humane Society

East Bay SPCA

FurEver Animal Rescue

Hayward Animal Services Bureau

Humane Society Silicon Valley

Maine Coon Adoptions

Marin Humane Society

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Mendocino Coast Humane Society

Oakland Animal Services

Orphan Dog

Palo Alto Animal Services

Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA

Rocket Dog Rescue – Finds foster and forever homes for abandoned dogs

San Francisco SPCA now with TWO locations. Mission or Pacific Heights

The San Francisco Department of Animal Care and Control

San Jose Animal Care Center

Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority

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