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Hi it’s Charly, KOIT's proud #CrazyCatLady & avid dog lover. When I’m not hanging with my five furry family members, I’m volunteering with animals, enjoying a Bay Area microbrew or touring a dog-friendly vineyard.  >^..^<

Who Stole My Chicken Tikka Masala??

by Charly Kayle posted Jul 2 2014 1:06PM
Marco, the Prime Suspect  

What is it about Chicken Tikka Masala or Chicken Korma? I happen to LOVE these entrees, and every time I eat them, whether fresh from an Indian restaurant, fresh from my stove (although I cheat with pre-made sauce) or fresh from the freezer (below), someone always tries to steal it from me!  The reason I find it so odd is that it's rather spicy for an animal.  I have to add basmati rice and raita (greek yogurt & cucumber) or a yogurt lassi, to calm down the heat in my mouth. But each time I've caught one of my  brats  pets eating it when I had my back turned, the spice never seemed to bother them.  Go figure, I'm the wimp in the family!  

The object of desire. (Fresh from the freezer.) 

Kashi, Marco's brother: the other suspect. (Eyes appear to say, "Not me. At least not THIS time.")  

Brooklyn: has a rap sheet - he's the one who ate it last time I turned my back.  

Shana: Nope, she's the good girl of the gang.
Sasha: Nope, I would have heard her coming.
(Note: Sasha's arthroscopic surgery to be detailed in an upcoming blog.)

Yup, it's these two "angelic" creatures who take turns swiping my food. Definitely Marco this time. As you can tell, they never get fed. [Insert SARCASM.]

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07/02/2014 1:06PM
Who Stole My Chicken Tikka Masala??
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